Responsibility, look into the mirror.
Nature, don’t waste tomorrow.
Innovation, open up and share.
Health, care for mind, body and soul.
Respect, respect each other.

Love Tomorrow’s tasks and activities are inspired by five circles: Responsibility, Nature, Innovation, Health and Respect. Each circle represents a pillar within Love Tomorrow’s mission. All circles are interlocked so that they form more than the sum of parts.

Love Tomorrow is our inspiration to make this world a more balanced place.

We are the Creators of Tomorrow.

We believe in enjoying life to the fullest without compromising.

We are responsible for the world’s current state of being.

We are responsible for the generation of tomorrow and respecting each other.

We believe in a commitment that creates a positive relationship with Mother Nature.

This is reflected in our credo:

Do something good today that tomorrow will thank you for

Creators of Tomorrow

Love Tomorrow inspires with sustainability thought leaders and sows the seeds for community building with eco pioneers. Creating sustainable solutions by embracing and promoting open innovation, sharing ideas and collaborating is key. We look for synergies with our collective “Creators of Tomorrow”, who actively contribute to and benefit from those synergies, with sustainable value creation as common goal.

Advisory board

With like-minded people from very different backgrounds, Love Tomorrow’s Advisory Board conveys strategic as well as creative commitment. Their focus is to collectively support a joint holistic long-term vision to work towards healthier companies, communities with the deepest respect for mother nature. The board translates this to their individual networks by leading by example by making conscious choices and stimulating positive, sustainable behaviour. This way, their ripple effect sets in motion something much bigger.

Motivators of

The Love Tomorrow Motivators are here to connect, inspire, constructively challenge and empower communities and organisations to embrace a sustainability mindset. Since the foundation of Love Tomorrow in 2013, a large array of projects have commenced with governments, businesses, innovators, universities and the teams within Tomorrowland and DreamVille.

Love Tomorrow initiates and develops concepts that contribute to reducing environmental impact, creates awareness for circular models and value in terms of waste and water. We study and influence behaviour, innovate by use of grants, pilot projects and supporting startups.

How can we support you in taking positive action towards conscious and healthy living?

Debbie Van Dijck

Project lead sustainability, project management, community builder, sustainable partnerships

Joris Beckers

Founder Love Tomorrow, sustainability vision, social impact, mobility expert

Annouschka Bauwens

Health and wellbeing specialist, Recycling and cleaning expert