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Where and when is the Love Tomorrow Conference?

The Love Tomorrow Conference takes place at the venue of the legendary Tomorrowland festival, the recreation area De Schorre in Boom, Belgium. The town of Boom is situated between Antwerp & Brussels.

The Love Tomorrow Conference is held on Thursday 27 July 2023, from 11h30 to 23h00.

What are the opening hours of the festival site?

The Love Tomorrow Conference takes place on Thursday 27 July 2023 from 11h30 till 23h00 CEST.

Can I bring my medication?

The Love Tomorrow Conference conducts an absolute zero tolerance policy with regards to drugs.
If you need to take prescribed medication due to health problems, you need to be in possession of a valid medical certificate. Only with a valid medical certificate, you are allowed to take these medications with you.

Where is the Love Tomorrow Conference being held, and how do I get there?

The Love Tomorrow Conference will be held at De Schorre in Boom, Belgium. The venue is perfectly accessible by car, bike or public transport.

If you’re coming by bike, you can use the cycle junction network of the province of Antwerp.
For public transport, Boom is on the Antwerp-Puurs line, and several buses stop at ‘De Schorre’ departing from Mechelen and Antwerp.
If you’re coming by car, De Schorre is centrally located between Antwerp and Mechelen and is easily accessible via the E19 and A12 motorways.

Google maps:

More info (dutch)

Can I buy parking in advance?

Parking vouchers for the Love Tomorrow Conference will become available in the ticket shop.
Please check the ticket shop for more information and prices. 

It is strongly advised to buy your parking voucher in advance. This way you can avoid long waiting lines at the entrance of the parking. 

Can I enter the Love Tomorrow Conference via DreamVille?

No, you can only enter the Love Tomorrow Conference via the main entrance.

How can I pay at the Love Tomorrow Conference?

For the Love Tomorrow Conference, the typical Tomorrowland bracelets will not be valid. We will provide our own Love Tomorrow Conference Bracelets at the entrance. For food & drinks consumption, you can top up your Love Tomorrow Bracelet at the festival site.

You will not be able to use or top up your Tomorrowland Bracelet at the Love Tomorrow Conference.

How can I charge my Bracelet?

You can charge your Bracelet at the festival site with a debit or credit card.
Or you can buy a top-up voucher in the ticket shop with which you can top-up your bracelet on the festival site.
Or you can scan the QR code on your bracelet and top-up online during the event. 

Cash will not be accepted as a payment method.

What are the prices for food and drinks?

Prices for food and drinks will be communicated at the Love Tomorrow Conference. The price of ‘pearls’ (the currency at Tomorrowland) will be identical to the price of pearls at the Tomorrowland festival.

Is the conference venue accessible to attendees with disabilities or mobility restrictions?

In general, the entire conference site is accessible for wheelchairs. If you need assistance, contact our event crew at the entrance.  

Can I re-enter the festival?

It is not permitted to leave the conference site and re-enter later on. 

What is the minimum age to attend the Love Tomorrow Conference?

The minimum age to enter the Love Tomorrow Conference is 18.
People born in 2005 will be granted entrance even if they turn 18 after the festival. Anyone who turns 18 in 2023 will be allowed in.

This is a strict policy and anyone born in 2006 or later, even if accompanied by an adult, will not be allowed to enter.

How do I register for the Love Tomorrow Conference?

To register for the Love Tomorrow Conference, simply go to our official ticket webshop at From there, you can purchase your tickets and register for the conference.

We recommend getting your tickets early to secure your spot. Once you’ve completed your registration, you’ll receive a confirmation email with further details about the event.

What types of tickets are available for the Love Tomorrow Conference?

We offer two types of tickets for the Love Tomorrow Conference: one for attendees under 26 years old and another for those aged 26 or older. Both ticket types grant access to the full conference program, including inspiring talks, workshops, and the job fair.

What is included in the ticket price?

Both ticket types grant access to the full conference program, including inspiring talks, workshops, and the job fair.

Can I change the name on my ticket if I can no longer attend?

All tickets are strictly personalised. Name changes are not possible after personalisation. If the ticket name does not match the visitor’s identity card, we have the right to refuse entry.

Why is there such a big difference in ticket prices between -26 and +26?

We believe in creating an inclusive and accessible event for everyone, regardless of age. Therefore, we offer special discounts to students and young people under 26 years old, as we understand that attending a conference can be a financial burden for them.

We want to encourage young people to join us and be part of the conversation on sustainability and the future of our planet. However, we also value the contributions and support of attendees over 26 years old, who bring valuable experience and perspectives to the conference. Therefore, we have set the ticket prices accordingly, while still keeping them affordable and accessible for all.

Can I buy group tickets?

It is possible to buy multiple tickets from one account. You can buy maximum 8 tickets in the -26 and +26-packages.
If you want to buy more than 20 tickets, please e-mail us at and mention ‘Group tickets’ in the subject line.

Can I get a refund for my Love Tomorrow Conference tickets?

No, you cannot get a refund for the Love Tomorrow Conference tickets.

Can I still offer my tickets for sale through the Exchange Desk?

No. It is not possible to exchange tickets.

What if I have booked a ticket through a second-hand website?

Please contact that website directly for more information. The Love Tomorrow Conference cannot give you any answer or advise about tickets that were bought via unofficial channels, as reselling is not allowed.

Can I resell my ticket? 

You are not allowed to resell your ticket.  

What are the official ticket channels?

Only buy your tickets via the Official ticket channel at (Weeztickets).
Make sure you do not buy any tickets from secondary or auction sites.

I didn’t receive my ticket. What should I do?

You can download your ticket in the ticket shop.

Is it possible to get an invoice of my Love Tomorrow Conference ticket?

Yes, you can request an invoice in the ticket shop.

What is the Love Tomorrow Conference about, and what can I expect from attending?

The Love Tomorrow Conference is about inspiring as many people as possible to start or continue living sustainably.

You can expect inspiring speakers, hands-on workshops, a sustainable fashion show, music and art.

Will there be any opportunities to network with other attendees or the speakers?

You can always interact with your fellow visitors. We even encourage it!
Networking moments with speakers are not planned. Speakers may also visit the Conference and be available for quick chats if they want to.

Will there be any opportunities to participate in workshops or interactive sessions?

Workshop tickets will be available for sale in the add-on sales.

Will the conference sessions be recorded or available to view later?

Yes, all sessions will be recorded and streamed live. Recordings will be available on 

Is there a dress code or any other guidelines for attending the conference?

Love Tomorrow is a leisure event, so please dress however you want.

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