Discover why and how to live sustainably, today and tomorrow

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And surround yourself with a community of Creators of Tomorrow and get ready to be inspired. Learn from 30+ expert speakers, participate in hands-on workshops, and find sustainable job opportunities. Immerse yourself in inspiring music, fashion, and art shows while discovering how you can make a difference.

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Surround yourself with like-minded people and organisations and plunge into a world of inspiration and empowerment.

Gain new perspectives, gather innovative ideas and learn practical skills to live sustainably. The more people acquire these essential tools, the closer we get to conquering the challenges ahead.
It all starts with us, uniting. The Love Tomorrow Conference, held on 27 July 2023 at the mythical Tomorrowland venue, is the perfect place to start.

"This was no ordinary, boring conference. It was truly magical and inspiring. THANK YOU"
Creator of Tomorrow
"An amazing conference. Picture your favorite inspirational conferences fused with Tomorrowland's magic. That's Love Tomorrow Conference."
Creator of Tomorrow
"A conference that is so much more than just a conference. Super interesting talks, and fun party at night in the magical setting of Tomorrowland."
Creator of Tomorrow

At the Love Tomorrow Conference 2023, you can:

Be inspired by 30+ talks

Listen to expert speakers, engage with their vision and spread the word among your peers. These ‘Architects of Tomorrow’ will fill your brain with a bunch of new ideas. Are you ready for them?

Attend our Job Fair

At the Love Tomorrow Job Fair, you can find a new employer who’s at the highest level. Looking for a job at a company which has sustainability as a core value? Book a ride on the iconic Tomorrowland ferris wheel and match up.

Get involved in hands-on workshops

Talk is cheap. So let’s get to work. In our hands-on workshops you can put words into deeds. Now you’re really learning how to get things done.

Enjoy music, fashion and art shows

After all, this is the unique Tomorrowland setting. You might as well enjoy it. Let the magic of Tomorrowland fill up your senses like never before. This time, it’s with a unique purpose.

Join us in one of the most forward-thinking sustainability gatherings ever.

The planet needs all of us to create change.

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