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Conference Policies

Conference Policies

Camera Policies
While we encourage attendees to capture their memorable moments, we ask you to respect the privacy of others. Any professional-grade photography equipment may require prior approval. However, smartphone cameras and small digital cameras are typically allowed.

Tomorrowland Decoration
Every year, the Tomorrowland organisation puts in great effort and manpower to turn Tomorrowland into a magical world. We expect every visitor to show proper respect. Tearing, breaking or any other form of destruction to the decoration will result in removal from the conference. Access will be denied for the duration of the conference. The organisation reserves the right to file a criminal complaint. 

Publicity: Flyers and Posters
Promoting the spirit of mutual respect and collaboration, we do not permit unsolicited distribution of flyers, posters, or promotional materials. If you’re interested in promotional opportunities, please reach out to our marketing team for approved methods.

Your safety is of utmost importance to us. The Love Tomorrow Conference has implemented several security measures including 24-hour surveillance, security staff on patrol, and regular emergency drills to ensure your wellbeing.

Forbidden Objects
We enforce a strict zero-tolerance policy towards drugs at our conference. Any visitor found in possession, under the influence, or distributing drugs will be reported to local authorities. Similarly, sharp and explosive objects of any kind are not allowed at the venue. These measures are in place to ensure a safe, enjoyable, and respectful environment for all attendees.