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Annouschka Bauwens

Sustainability coordinator Tomorrowland, Wellbeing and Health expert at Love Tomorrow

Experience in the field

Annouschka has been active in the hospitality and events world since 2001, gaining the experience to deal with situations and people proactively and creatively. Nature for her is what is central in her work, her connection with others and in her problem-solving skills. She has been active at Love Tomorrow since 2015.


With years of experience in health, lifestyle and events, Annouschka researches, supervises and develops projects for Love Tomorrow on the subjects of ecology, health and nature. As facility coordinator, she is responsible for Recycling and Cleaning at Tomorrowland Belgium and Tomorrowland Winter in the French Alps.

Biggest challenge thus far

To create a larger project on an ecological, self-sustainable and healthy lifestyle. This with the idea to connect people from different places in the world and to educate and provide them with the best tools to improve their own wellbeing, in unity with nature. With Love Tomorrow, this is possible by helping to create content on an online platform, and organise real time gatherings and activations.

Dream for Love Tomorrow

Annouschka’s vision for Love Tomorrow is a positive one. “I hope to build a community where we push and prioritise health and wellbeing together with people who strive for a positive and a healthy world. I hope we can grow and nurture our connection to Mother Nature.”

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