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Ronald Heinen

Co-founder Love Tomorrow, sustainability vision and strategy, circularity expert


All Ronald’s activities have a strong focus on sustainability. As such, he initiates and supervises projects for both Tomorrowland as well as for Love Tomorrow, including responsibilities such as the roll-out and follow-up of Recycling & Cleaning at Tomorrowland and DreamVille. He is also crafting the vision and strategy for Love Tomorrow.

Experience in the field

Ronald has worked in the environmental sector since 1992 and developed extensive experience in the fields of Sustainable Waste Management, Sustainable Strategy & Development and Project Development. He has worked with governments, corporate organisations and the events sector, of which the latter, he has 25 years of experience in.

Biggest challenge thus far

Though his focus is and will always be on the greenest of possibilities, the importance of beauty should not be underestimated. Ronald: “Finding a balance between the ecologically soundest option and an aesthetically pleasing solution is a true challenge sometimes.” This is especially true in an environment such as Tomorrowland, where processes are intense and complex and volumes are large. But it also makes the reward of seeing the ecological and aesthetic dimensions come together even bigger.

Dream for Love Tomorrow

“An organically developed platform of designers and creators who inspire and encourage others to pursue the vision of Love Tomorrow in such a way that ‘The Creators of Tomorrow’ effectively contribute to a healthier world, planet and oceans. This can be done by drawing attention to joint solutions, by stimulating open innovation or by helping other people and companies to become more sustainable.”

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