A magical stay at De Schorre

Taking care of the health of the Earth whilst creating pleasure and value for everyone who enjoys De Schorre year-round.
2015 - Now
Project Involves:
Value creation for the living environment


Give back: working together for a healthy and enjoyable living environment.


Love Tomorrow helps initiate solutions that create value for the natural area and local community. We want to offer realistic solutions that create a healthier and more pleasant living environment.

For instance: Tomorrowland takes place at De Schorre, a Provincial Domain and natural area in Flanders, Belgium. We care about giving back to the local community, by making the environment even more enjoyable. We are passionate about taking care of the health of the Earth and at the same time create pleasure and value for everyone who visits De Schorre year-round.

Positive impact generated

One World Bridge: “Let’s works as one towards dignity for all” – that’s the message that UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon applied to the One World Bridge, designed by artist Arne Quinze. The bridge, a large art installation, is an enrichment for De Schorre.  It contains messages from 210,000 People of Tomorrow and symbolises the unity that Tomorrowland stands for. The bridge symbolically brings the People of Tomorrow from all over the world together permanently, through their messages. The bridge also holistically connects different parts of De Schorre.

Magical troll forest: Discover the 7 magical trolls and impressive watch tower overlooking the domain De Schorre. The trolls were created by wood recycling artist Thomas Dambo, at the occasion of the 15th birthday of Tomorrowland, as a gift to the neighbourhood. Using old pallets, recycled wood, broken branches and fallen trees, he makes the most wonderful creations and mythical creatures. Volunteers from the neighbourhood and woodworking students from the local technical school in Boom helped with the construction.

Reforestation of De Schorre: with new paths and lawns, supplemented with afforestation of 750 trees as well as remediation of soil that was polluted with household and plaster waste.

Water management: by constructing a draining system, the soil’s drainage capabilities have improved.

Natterjack Toad: research went into construction of new pools for the endangered natterjack toad. This helped preserve and increase its species’ population numbers.

River cleanup: raise awareness to keep rivers clean by cleaning the ponds at the festival site.

Thanks to the initiative “Love your neighbour“, every department at We Are One.World supports a local charity or contributes to a social cause, financially and practically, with a dedicated Corporate Social Responsibility budget.

What's Next

The goal is to continue to create value at De Schorre and for the neighbouring area, by coming up with refreshing ideas and solutions. By maintaining, restoring and positively adding to the natural area, it remains a space for locals and nature-lovers alike to enjoy. Because a beautiful and green environment is medicine for the soul and the planet.

Let’s team up to make positive impact.

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