Route 360 – from waste to value

Closing the circle from festival waste to valuable new materials. Retain maximum value by recycling or application in new lifestyle products.
2019 - Now
Project Involves:
Circular solutions


Closing the circle from festival waste to valuable new materials.

Full control on the beverage packaging route – from visitors separating waste in attractive bins, having a sorting installation on site as well as mechanical recycling. Also part of Route 360 is a pilot converting PET & aluminium into new raw materials and a pilot project on site to compost food disposables.

Retain maximum value by recycling or applying materials into new lifestyle products.


Thanks to the self-developed infrastructure Route 360, various types of beverage packaging are sorted on site in order to retain maximum value. This way, the collected PET & aluminium materials can be recycled and/or applied as raw materials for new lifestyle products.

Positive impact generated

Route 360 in numbers:  

  • Waste prevention – Recycling T: 60%
  • Waste prevention – Reuse T: 20% – reintroduce PET & aluminium from TML festival
  • Value creation ‘inspired by LT’– yuma sunglasses with recycled PET

What's next

Our test case in 2019 has generated representative information, allowing the sorting installation to evolve and help achieve targets over the coming years.

In our best practice example Tomorrowland, currently 3.2 tonnes of rPET flakes and 2.1 tonnes of aluminium cans are stored to be transformed into raw materials for new products.

Let’s team up to make positive impact.

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