Socially Responsible Crew Shirts

Ecological materials and fair production process. Circular design and smart tracking of consumption. Pilot to make TML Fashion line more sustainable.
TML by Tomorrowland
2019 - Now
Project Involves:
Circular solutions


Make Tomorrowland’s fashion and merchandising more sustainable.


An organic cotton crew shirt that you’re proud to wear: socially and ecologically responsible with the added value of knowing exactly who made the shirt.

Continuous reuse: crew members swap their used shirts so it gets washed and used the next day. A smart system on the crew wristbands tracks the ‘consumption’ of the shirts.

Circular design: worn-off shirts are upcycled by Urban Fibres as a resource for new, high-quality jeans jackets. Partnership with Urban Fibres and the NGO GVK Society.

Positive impact generated

The Tomorrowland Fashion team conducted a 360° scan, created their own sustainability goals to help achieve the company’s targets for 2025.

The Love Tomorrow team acted as catalyst by rethinking sustainable value creation through use or reuse of better materials, smart water consumption and last but not least, humane working conditions.

Socially Responsible Crew Shirts in numbers:

  • 30.000 new, durable crew shirts created
  • smart shirt design
  • 10x less water consumption per T-shirt
  • 100% designed for reuse: we went from 3-5 shirts to 1 shirt per crew member per year

A better life for the producers in India:

  • There were 26 villages in South India involved in the project
  • Income of 235 cotton farmer families increased with more than 30%
  • 100% debt-free: no new loans for farmers and additional support was provided to pay off old ones
  • regenerative agriculture:
    • 0% use of toxic pesticides and (chemical) fertilisers
    • 0% use of genetically modified organisms

What's next

This circular crew shirt was a pilot and the first step into making the fashion collection more sustainable by 2025.

Let’s team up to make positive impact.

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