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Education of the mind and soul is the key to a better future. Empowering youngsters by unlocking their talents to read, write and creatively express themselves through music, dance and arts.
2018 - Now
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Children are the generation of tomorrow and will shape the world of tomorrow. Let’s cherish them and help them develop themselves, learn and grow as much as possible. Because education of the mind and soul is the key to a better future, it is so vital for individual, social and sustainable development.


Love Tomorrow expanded its social responsibility activities to a whole new kind of sustainability. This is how the Tomorrowland Foundation was born; to give back and take care of the generation of tomorrow. The Tomorrowland Foundation is funded by People of Tomorrow and proudly supports the following non-profit organisations:

Mobile School – By bringing Mobile Schools (extendable educational blackboards on wheels) to the streets in over 60 countries, Mobile School stimulates and helps street children from all over the world to discover and unlock their talents, so they (re)gain a positive self-image and feel more empowered.

Music & Arts School – In collaboration with NGO Cunina, a Music & Arts school was constructed in Sekha, Nepal. Here, more than 300 children receive quality education from professional teachers in fully equipped classrooms, to develop their creative and musical talents. World-famous DJ Felix from Lost Frequencies is the school’s ambassador.

What's next

TML Foundation is planning to open a new Music & Arts school as well as more Mobile Schools in new locations around the world.

Let’s team up to make positive impact.

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