Smart water network for smart cities and events. Influence behaviour in a living lab context.
2016 - 2019
Project Involves:
Network solutions


Creating smart water networks for smart cities and events in order to improve consumers’ water usage behaviour in a living lab context.


Love Tomorrow, the University of Antwerp and VITO, a leading European independent research and technology organisation, teamed up to create Waterville®, a holistic concept for smart water usage. Tomorrowland’s DreamVille campsite was used as a living lab to study and influence visitors’ water usage behaviour.

Thanks to communicating smart metres, we can measure how much water is being used for personal care, at what time of the day in real-time. This valuable insight into collective and individual consumption patterns help to optimally manage water networks, so there is no shortage nor excess. Visitors are motivated to think about their water usage through nudging communication and cool interactive signage, at fresh water points and sinks (‘save water for tomorrow’). Visitors were motivated to further reflect on their water usage by filling out a survey afterwards.

What's next

We are keen to expand the project and create positive impact on water usage at an even larger scale, for example in smart cities, at various other events and so on.

Let’s team up to make positive impact.

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