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  • One World Bridge

One World Bridge


The People of Tomorrow have a strong message to the world: respect each other and be free to express yourselves. This has resulted in a unique project called “One World Bridge”. One World is a permanent public installation on the holy grounds of De Schorre (Boom, Belgium). The installation is a 537-metre-long bridge, symbolising the connection between people and bridging their differences.

The covering of the bridge is made out of wood. Everyone was able to leave their message on this bridge. In total almost 210,000 messages, drawings and expressions are included on the bridge. Many years and memories later, these names and messages will still be carved there.

Ban Ki-Moon, Secretary General of the United Nations, recognized and supported the One World Bridge as the ultimate expression of the global values of unity and mutual respect.


Do something good today, that tomorrow will thank you for.

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