We create unique sustainability solutions for festivals, events, businesses and governments.

How we work:

We stimulate eco entrepreneurship and help companies become more future-proof by making sustainable decisions. Love Tomorrow acts as a motivator, constructively challenging your team to think in terms of opportunities and come up with sustainable solutions, adapted to your organisation’s needs. We do this via inspiration, research, upstream innovation, co-creation, concept development, communication, activation. We believe you can only truly move the needle by shifting from thinking to doing. We believe in a tailor-made and personal approach. Together we seek to find the sweet spot of added social and ecological value, whilst your business flourishes too.

360° sustainability scan

In-depth exploration to understand the ecological & social impact of your organization. Help lay the foundation for a long-term positive impact vision.

Circular solutions

From waste to value – unlock circular opportunities throughout the value chain. Avoid waste, increase value creation, profitability and a positive impact for society & environment.

Circular solution related projects

Influence behavior

“Tell me and I will forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I will understand.” Moving the needle from sustainability awareness to shifting behaviour, thanks to fun and rewarding in the field activations. We’ve been leveraging festivals to immerse visitors into memorable sustainable experiences that connect with heart & mind. People are part of the solution and become Architects of Tomorrow.

Influence behavior related projects

Network solutions

Water is precious. Climate change and growth of the world’s population will cause more and more pressure on water supplies. It’s necessary to use water wisely. Several initiatives help to create awareness & influence behaviour. Have a look at our best joint-venture practices, in the unique context of the Tomorrowland festival.

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Value creation for the living environment

Love Tomorrow wants to create continuous positive impact for the living environment: give back by creating an attractive neighbourhood, bring people together, preserve & regenerate fauna and flora.

Value creation for the living environment related projects

Material & Waste management

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”, because who decides what is waste and what isn’t? We believe in moving from waste to materials that can be reused again to retain value. This by minimising capital destruction and maximising the reuse of materials. All of this with a clean environment in mind.

Material & Waste management related projects