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Our long-term ambition is to become circular. Together with our partners, we are now on a journey towards optimum material conservation.
Curious how that works for Tetra Pak?

A new life for Tetra Pak packages

Tetra Paks are made of valuable materials that can be recycled into something new.

01 – To start a new life we need your help first

If you flatten the empty packs and take them to the right collection bin, they can start their journey to a new life.

02 – They can then go to a recycling plant
03 – In the plant

The packs are mixed with water in a giant blender to separate the layers of materials.

04 – New materials emerge

After this pulping activity, paper fibres are retrieved as well as plastic & aluminium, which can be transformed into new objects.

05 – Paper products

The strong paper fibres, that make up most of the packaging can be turned into new paper products.

06 – Plastic and aluminium

The thin layers of plastic and aluminium that protect your drink can become exterior furniture, roof tiles, panels, pallets, crates, …

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