Campus: Get Inspired by Experts, Make a Difference

Campus: Get Inspired by Experts, Make a Difference

On May 5th the very first edition of our Love Tomorrow Campus will take place. We will turn the iconic venue of Antwerp’s Bourla Theatre into the gathering ground for everyone who’s interested in creating a more sustainable tomorrow. Because what place would be more suiting for an event like this, than a historic building that has been around for nearly 2 centuries and embodies (r)evolution?

Start Today to Better Tomorrow

Recent generations have reopened important talks on the environment, a more sustainable way of living and our consumption habits. To fuel their drive for change, our mission is to make the available knowledge on those topics accessible and to make sure we address the challenges ahead with a positive attitude. We do so by providing a platform for renowned speakers and by opening the floor for discussion.

We welcome everyone who’s interested in learning more, doing better, and enriching others with their ideas and views. With the Love Tomorrow Campus we start a celebration of knowledge, as a community, as Creators of Tomorrow.

Blurring the Lines between Education and Entertainment

Learning is a privilege and a joy. With our Love Tomorrow Campus, we’re emphasizing this aspect. We want to share our knowledge with likeminded people, by throwing a celebration. So, by tradition, our educational event will be mixed with sensational entertainment. A mind, after all, functions best when it’s stimulated. That’s how we will be blurring the lines between education and entertainment yet again.

Swing by and let yourself be inspired by great minds of science, critical thinkers, and experts in the field. Set sail on this journey with us and share the insights you gain here with the world around you. The time to make a difference and take a stance is here. Let’s collectively grasp this opportunity to learn from one another.

Food for Thought, Music to Our Ears

Our speakers want to talk to you about our ability to drive change. Each one of them will be sharing their own views on different topics as well as their hopeful and optimistic ideas to challenge the current standard, so you have all the tools you need to form your own substantiated opinion.

Meet The Voices of the Love Tomorrow Campus

A morning filled with priceless corporate and finance talks.

10:00-11:10 – Meet Siviglia Berto

Campus: Get Inspired by Experts, Make a Difference

As a mental health and well-being innovator and SDG Advocate, she will be opening the stage with her (IN)SANITY talk.

One of Siviglia’s main points of focus is improving mental health and well-being in the corporate world. Too many times, bright minds get burned out due to high demands and insufficient attention to the human complexity. That’s why she created a spin-off from Baloise, one of the largest insurance companies in the Benelux.

With this highly needed initiative she connects workplace well-being to global SDG’s. All of this to innovate and transform corporate environments in such a way that mental health gets promoted and well-being is enhanced within a scientific-based approach.

11:25-12:35 – Meet Michel Scholte

Some of you may know Michel as the founder of Amsterdam’s Impact Institute and a True Price Advocate. At our Love Tomorrow Campus he will be your guide through PLANET FINANCE.

To build a sustainable future, financial, ecological, and societal growth needs to be measured. To do so Michel envisions a world where CFOs no longer exist but have made room for Chief Impact Officers. People who transform our economy and drive true price accounting.

In his journey to a more sustainable Tomorrow, he encourages businesses to account for their financial, ecological, and societal impact. Which will drive economic growth and impact our planet and communities positively. So, together with a new generation of impactful investors and inspired financial strategists he wants to create a better future for our world. An innovative and hopeful approach of which he will tell you all about during his talk.

Campus: Get Inspired by Experts, Make a Difference

13:05-14:15 – Meet Stef Kuypers

Campus: Get Inspired by Experts, Make a Difference

If you want to find out more about the Sustainable Money System (SuMSy), come listen to Stef Kuypers’ FEED YOUR HEAD talk.

Known as an innovative thinker and a key member of Happonomy since 2017, Stef’s vision is to create a value-driven economy that focusses on sustainability. His main goal in doing so is to support global well-being by transforming our economic system.

His nerdy personality and eagerness to challenge the world’s view on economics has led him to the stage of our Love Tomorrow Campus to share his knowledge with you.

14:35-15:45 – Meet Sarah Parent

A green afternoon all about the environment.

Sarah Parent brings her passionate and innovative spirit to the stage of our Love Tomorrow Campus to talk about ACTIVISM NOW.

As the co-founder and Chief Ecological Officer of Go Forest, she’s transformed herself into a true sustainability entrepreneur. With her organization she wants to showcase several sustainable practices so others might get inspired and motivated to adopt them in their everyday lives themselves.

The practices she has been working on are aimed at restoring the ocean and reducing our digital footprint. These goals are integrated in her new complementary ventures within the “Go Family” umbrella. This all highlights her spirit for middle ground activism. Besides that, you will be able to read about her strong advocacy for a more sustainable tomorrow in her new book that will launch in September.

At our stage, she will be discussing the importance of small changes that can cause a world of difference.

Campus: Get Inspired by Experts, Make a Difference

14:35-15:45 – Meet Jessica Den Outer

Campus: Get Inspired by Experts, Make a Difference

Jessica Den Outer will take to the stage of our Love Tomorrow Campus speaking on fundamental rights. She will continue the topic of ACTIVISM NOW.

As a true advocate on the topic, an environmental lawyer, and one of the youngest United Nations Harmony with Nature experts she is a well-known voice in the drive for environmental change. Having dedicated her career to advocating for nature, she now wants to share her insights with future generations.

As she has been rewarded with multiple awards and named in the Sustainable Young 100 and LinkedIn’s Top 10 Green Voices for her work, we are more than sure she will contribute insightful stances on how to tackle today’s environmental challenges.

16:05-17:15 – Meet Joost Wouters

If you’ve heard about The Seaweed Company, you’ve heard about Joost Wouters. He’s a true expert when it comes to topics such as the ocean and soil. That’s why, at our Love Tomorrow Campus stage he will be talking about our NEXT NATURE.

Experienced as a consultant, gifted with an entrepreneurial spirit, and passionate about aquafarming, Joost knew he wanted to positively impact the world. With his global seaweed farming business, he focuses on crops and soils and on improving the health and wellbeing of humans and animals. To do so, he has worked together with leadership teams worldwide.

By sharing his insight on these topics, you can team up with him in his mission to create a better Tomorrow.

Campus: Get Inspired by Experts, Make a Difference

Concluding with a futuristic evening about A.I.

19:45-20:45 – Meet Lieven Scheire

Campus: Get Inspired by Experts, Make a Difference

Lieven Scheire is known for his way of blurring the lines between education and comedy. Yet, his emphasis remains on being a science communicator. That’s why he’ll be talking about ONCE UPON A.I. at our Love Tomorrow Campus.

No scientific concept is too complex for Lieven to unravel. He’s a true translator, making physics and science understandable for everyone who’s interested in educating themselves in these fields. As a physicist in mind and comedian by nature, he has created and presented various tv shows that combine his love for both worlds.

To take a look into his mind, you won’t have to stick to reading his books or listen to his popular podcast ‘Nerdland’ anymore. As our concluding speaker, you will hear everything you need to know about the interesting world of A.I..

Join the Celebration of a Sustainable Tomorrow

There’s one universal language in the world and that’s love. And what better way to unite than through our shared love for music?

Music will play an essential role in the adventure we’re going on. We’ve gathered the best DJs for you, so you’ll be able to unwind after an interesting day full of insightful talks.

Celebrate a more sustainable tomorrow during the afterparty with DJs such as Makasi, Delafino, and Kap’s in the magical Bourla Theatre in Antwerp.

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