Dive into the 6 themes of Love Tomorrow Campus

Dive into the 6 themes of Love Tomorrow Campus

We believe that we can achieve a balance between economic prosperity, environmental care, and societal wealth, if we all work together towards a more sustainable way of life. This means creating a life that fulfills the needs of current generations, without having to compromise on the future of generations that are still to come.

Of course, multiple roads can lead us to a more sustainable destination. That’s why we’ve invited several inspiring speakers with an expertise in different aspects of sustainability. Each one of them will be sharing their knowledge and insights on stage, so we can all strive towards the same goal: making a positive change.

Food for Thought, and our Campus is serving

Trying to live more sustainably on a day-to-day basis, challenges us to be creative with our approaches. Because in contemporary society, this multifaceted issue requires change on more than one level. We have developed different themes to broaden your scope on what is possible and where you can make a difference.

From Technology to Activism, and from Health to Wealth. Our themes will open up your imagination to different ways of overcoming societal problems, together.

So, let’s embrace change together. The course to a Sustainable Tomorrow starts with these 6 topics:


It’s no secret that the harshness of today’s world can influence our moods. In the face of social, economic, and environmental challenges, feelings of fear, pressure, and uncertainty can arise. That’s why, in a fast-paced society, nothing is more valuable than your health. And that starts from within, in both the body and the mind.

Being connected to the world around us, the present moment, and to ourselves, is essential when working on mental health. Building a sense of community in which all of this is nurtured, is how we start our journey to becoming more mentally wealthy.


Ever since the rise of monetary systems, the human perception of what’s valuable has gradually changed. Money rules the world. But, as our perspective is changing again, there is so much money can’t buy. The air that we breathe, for instance, will always be more valuable than money in the bank. So, why not change the systems that are in place right now, and create an economy where things are valued for their worth.

A new generation of (impact) investors and financial strategists are ready to share a whole new economic architecture that will make money work for a better world.


Have you ever thought of yourself as being set in your ways? If so, have you thought about why that is? Why is it that the human mind is so easily influenced, yet so stuck in some behavioral patterns?

To drive real change, you have to understand the mind. Which is why psychology is an important factor in our journey to making people hear and, more importantly, understand the importance of living sustainably. This means adapting different approaches to different generations, managing the transitions between these generations and providing them all with clear and precise insights into behavioral economics and what they mean for our world.


Our ocean covers more than 70% of the globe and is one of the biggest support systems our earth has. Even the air we breathe is provided partly by the ocean. And of course, all life sources depend on water. That’s why a healthy ocean and a healthy relationship with the big blue are essential for our survival.

By establishing renewable energy offshore, making sure maritime transport is decarbonized, and ports are green we make sure the ocean can be used to our advantage for many years to come. We could even grow food out at sea in a healthy and environmentally friendly way.

There’s so much potential lying in the deep, waiting to be dived into.


Artificial intelligence has been around for several years now and keeps getting more powerful. It’s used in almost every industry already and its adoption keeps accelerating. Needless to say, this emerging force has the potential to make human life a whole lot easier (and maybe even more sustainable), but could also lead to a disconnection with our environment.

However, thanks to its limitless possibilities, its capability to learn from experience, and its ability to adjust to new inputs, there is no need to fear this intelligence form. Rather than shying away from the doors it can open, we have the power to explore what this could mean for our society at large.


For a while now, our civilization has been facing a polycrisis. Complex and global issues such as climate change and political disruptions have been on the rise at the same time, which in turn has resulted in even more challenges.

To overcome these challenges, unity and community have become more important than ever. ‘Unity in action’ and ‘action taken together as a community’: these reactions to societal and environmental issues are known as activism. It’s a fight for what’s right and for what’s healthy for all life on this earth.

As Creators of Tomorrow, we have the power to establish a new social model by coming together and uniting behind our goal to drive positive change.

Celebrate the Power to Create a more Sustainable Future with us

Tomorrow starts with today’s change. It starts with conscious and compassionate souls who strive to be the voice of the word. That’s why our speakers will share theirs with you.

Let’s come together to talk about all the ways sustainability can be approached. Share your ideas with like-minded people and discuss the things you’re passionate about. All while allowing yourself to be, to enjoy the present moment, and to fill up on positive interactions.

We welcome you at the Love Tomorrow Campus, were you’ll be met with visions for a new way of living and a celebration of life in all its glory.

Join us and other Creators of Tomorrow like yourself at the Bourla Theatre on May 5th. Secure your spot now.

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