Let’s talk sustainability during the Love Tomorrow Campus

Let’s talk sustainability during the Love Tomorrow Campus

On May 5th the Creators of Tomorrow will gather again for the Love Tomorrow Campus. The place to be? Antwerp’s Bourla Theater.

What do you think of when the topic of sustainability comes up? Recycling? Reducing our carbon footprint? Being conscious about our way of consuming? Sustainability is a very broad concept and holds a plethora of challenges and opportunities. Sometimes, it gets hard to see the trees for the forest. Luckily, the speakers at the Love Tomorrow Campus have been working on exactly that: making sustainability comprehensible. Their enlightening insights and expanding views will be the building blocks of this pioneering day event, aimed at students and young adults.

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Welcoming everyone with a drive to make an impact

With each new generation, the realization of ‘having to act now’ grows bigger and stronger. Young and eager minds like yourself keep trying to find new ways to better the relationship we have with our beautiful planet. That’s why we’re opening the floor, so you can share your own thoughts and ideas on sustainability with other likeminded students.

Moreover, the Love Tomorrow Campus will provide a learning environment in which cutting-edge views on sustainability, scientific insights, and eye-opening perspectives on modern society will be shared by influential drivers of change.

Feed your mind like you’re at school, have fun like you’re at Tomorrowland

Yes, you can have fun while gathering new insights. At the Bourla Theater, we will take this opportunity to learn and turn it into a celebration. Love Tomorrow is the master of fusing education with entertainment.

By convention, the agenda will be filled with inspiring and well-known speakers such as Lieven Scheire. Another voice you might recognize will be the one of MNM’s radio host, Dorianne Aussems who will be guiding you through the day event. But they aren’t the only ones taking to the stage. To treat your minds to the occasionally needed break, our beloved DJ’s will make sure to provide some relaxing beats.

Do you want more after the inspiring day program? Count on Bouger Bouger (MNM), DJ Makasi, DJ Delafino and DJ Kap’s to feed your appetite for a party during the evening program.

The best ideas are born out of inspiration

Love Tomorrow has teamed up with VITO, Gstic, Tomorrowland and De Morgen to organize this unique one-day event. Join this celebration of a sustainable tomorrow. And stick around to unwind during the afterparty.

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