Love Tomorrow at Tomorrowland Winter: Dance, Dream and Take Action to Create a Sustainable Difference

Get ready to experience the magic of Tomorrowland Winter energised with a commitment to sustainability. 

This year, Tomorrowland Winter isn’t only about spectacular scenery and world-class DJs.  Love Tomorrow, the festival’s dedicated platform for positive change, is pulling out stops to create an unforgettable experience that’s also kinder to the planet. 

This is the beginning of an exciting journey to transform the festival experience and inspire sustainable action now – and in the future. And you’re invited to be part of something bigger – a journey towards sustainability, responsibility, community – and collective change

Forget passive slogans – Love Tomorrow is all about getting hands-on.  Get informed and learn how to make more conscious choices that create an impact, both at the festival and beyond.

A Greener Festival, A Brighter Future

Small Actions Equal Big Impact

By working to create solutions for a better future, Love Tomorrow is shaping a more sustainable festival experience built on key pillars that:

  • Empower the people of tomorrow to respect their environment, take responsibility and make more sustainable choices.
  • Innovate production and supply to minimise the carbon footprint and maximise fun.
  • Elevate energy-efficient action by using sustainable energy sources like HVO fuel and giving special effects a green-friendly makeover too (think biodegradable confetti and no outdoor fireworks).

Lead by example and pledge to uphold sustainable actions throughout the festival, acting as inspiring ambassadors of change.

Empowering People of Tomorrow

Embrace the Adventure Sustainably

Love Tomorrow is shrinking the festival’s carbon footprint and minimising emissions significantly by ditching recreational helicopter and motorised tours.

From the moment you arrive, you can start celebrating by making more sustainable choices like travelling by train, carpool or public transport. Soaking in the beauty of stunning surroundings, while minimising your carbon footprint is definitely a win-win.

Earn Love Tomorrow Rewards 

Love Tomorrow believes  small actions add up to create a wave of positive change. When you travel to the festival in sustainable style, your commitment to a more conscious journey not only gives you good karma and a feel-good glow, at Tomorrowland Winter, it earns you a reward. 

So if you choose a sustainable option like carpooling, ride-sharing or public transport options, you can earn a reward. Choose recycled Tomorrowland socks – comfy on the feet and kind to the planet. Or flaunt your festive spirit with an official Tomorrowland flag or grab a stylish Tomorrowland gym bag, perfect for carrying all your essentials. 

To claim your reward, head to Love Tomorrow’s dedicated platform and upload your proof of a more sustainable type of travel. This can include:

  • A  screenshot of the booking platform or email with your name, including the departure and destination point details. Find or offer a ride on the Tomorrowland Winter platform. Other carpooling platforms will also be accepted. 
  • A photo of your carpool group showing everyone clearly visible (with their permission, of course).
  • A valid public transport ticket or pass for your journey to the festival. 
  • A vehicle registration document of your electrical car, showing your name.
  • A scan of your green fare flight ticket, showing your name.  Include the details of the ticket that indicates you bought or upgraded your ticket to a green fare, which uses sustainable aviation fuel.

Pledge for Positive Change

Become a champion for sustainability. Join the Love Tomorrow pledge online or in-person at the Love Tomorrow booth at the festival.. For every pledge, Tomorrowland Winter will donate €1 towards revitalising sustainable development projects in Alpe d’Huez, ensuring your impact goes further and extends beyond festival fun.

Recycle on the Go

It’s the little things that count and at Tomorrowland Winter 2024, even recycling is an adventure.

Keep an eye out for Love Tomorrow’s dedicated crew roaming the festival grounds with handy recycle backpacks. Enjoy the satisfaction of tossing rubbish in the right bin, knowing you’re contributing to a cleaner environment for everyone to enjoy.

Make No Butts About It

Butting out and being kind to the environment has never been easier.  

Love Tomorrow is handing out  5,000 portable ashtrays that easily go wherever you do across the festival grounds. And remember, doing your part keeps the magic alive and the mountains pristine.

Dive into Conscious Consumption

Love Tomorrow goes beyond individual choices; it delves into how an event can be run more consciously today – and in the future.  There is a lot of work to be done. But bit by bit, Love Tomorrow is striving to make events like Tomorrowland Winter more sustainable experiences. And it’s not just about aesthetics; it’s about minimising waste and maximising positive impact, year after year.

Waste Not, Want Not, Recycle A Lot

Dedicated ambassadors and strategically placed recycling units ensure a cleaner festival environment that strives to leave no trace behind.

Love Tomorrow envisions a festival where discarded items get a second life, thanks to a meticulous sorting system and dedicated crew. It’s a testament to the power of organisation and collective responsibility.

Food Waste? Not On Our Plate

Food waste is a major concern at large events, but Tomorrowland Winter is taking action to diminish waste at Tomorrowland Winter. 

By using a more strategic approach to food planning, Tomorrowland Winter is working to minimise waste, passing on excess leftovers to the hard-working Tomorrowland Winter crew. It’s a win-win– a delicious, more sustainable experience for festival goers and a well-fuelled team keeping the festival running smoothly.

Reusable and Recyclable Right on

Tomorrowland Winter uses reusable cups, plates and cutlery. This might seem like a small detail but when multiplied by thousands of festival goers, it translates to a significant reduction in single-use plastics and waste – and decreases the festival’s environmental footprint year after year.

Carbon Footprint Under the Microscope

Knowledge is power and Love Tomorrow is using it to reduce its environmental impact. Collaborative mapping with Green Événements sheds light on the festival’s environmental impact, providing valuable insights into areas for improvement.

This data-driven approach empowers Love Tomorrow to make informed decisions and implement impactful future strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions even further.

Switching to HVO

Witness the power of cleaner fuel. By switching to Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO), Love Tomorrow is leaving a lighter mark on the environment. This circular fuel significantly reduces the festival’s carbon footprint compared to traditional diesel options by 80%.  It’s also a powerful symbol of Love Tomorrow’s commitment to cleaner energy and a healthier planet.

Love Tomorrow believes in smart energy and using a battery system helps tackle peak energy demands. This means stretching grid power further and keeping the festival going without putting extra strain on the environment.

Biodegradable Confetti Paints the Sky Happy

At Tomorrowland Winter 2024, the music and lights take centre stage while respecting the delicate mountain ecosystem..

Love Tomorrow is helping the festival take a more conscious approach only using environmentally friendly confetti inside to avoid disturbing the natural ecosystem outside. And this clever confetti  biodegrades naturally, dazzling without the environmental downfall.

Making this small switch eliminates the long-term environmental impact of traditional confetti, and ensures the magic of the festival doesn’t come at the expense of nature’s beauty.

Empowering Crew, Championing Sustainability

Sustainability Charter: A Commitment to Change

Tomorrowland Winter’s crew members aren’t just the backbone of the festival; they’re sustainability ambassadors. By signing the Love Tomorrow charter, they pledge to uphold environmentally friendly practices throughout their work, leading by example and inspiring others to follow suit. 

From opting for sustainable transport to responsibly managing waste, their commitment sets a high standard for everyone involved.

Carpooling For a Cleaner Commute

Sharing rides reduces emissions and fosters a sense of community among the dedicated Love Tomorrow team. Small actions, multiplied, can create a significant impact. Arriving at the festival grounds alongside fellow attendees and knowing you’ve all opted for a more sustainable option is the perfect way to start this inspiring environmentally conscious adventure.

Sustainable Excellence Rewarded

Love Tomorrow celebrates the champions who are making a difference. Rewarding the top three crew members who go above and beyond in their commitment to sustainability, is Love Tomorrow’s way of saying thanks. It’s also a reminder that every small action deserves to be appreciated – and can also inspire others to get involved.

Impact Beyond the Festival

This is the beginning of a long-term journey and a direct investment in the future of the region. 

There is work to be done to move towards completely sustainable festivals. And Love Tomorrow’s commitment extends far beyond the glittering lights and pulsating beats of this year’s festival.  Every sustainable choice you make counts; for each commitment, Love Tomorrow will donate €1 to Alpe d’Huez’s sustainable development projects. These projects focus on areas like protecting the natural environment and ensuring a lasting positive impact on the environment and the local community.

Your pledge not only impacts the festival but can contribute to a brighter future for the Alps. It’s a powerful reminder that choices can have a ripple effect far beyond the immediate moment.

Be Part of the Change

Ready to be part of something bigger that creates a brighter future for generations to come? There are lots of other ways to get involved and contribute to creating sustainable change – both before and after the festival.  

Sign the Love Tomorrow Pledge

It’s not just a signature; it’s a commitment. At the festival or online, pledge to make sustainable choices in your daily life – and inspire others to do the same. 

Remember, small actions, when multiplied, create a powerful force for good.

Small Steps, Big Difference

Remember, even the smallest step towards sustainability makes a difference.  Music, community and environmental responsibility can come together to create unforgettable experiences that create a positive wave of change in the world.

There’s never been a better time to make Tomorrowland Winter a shining example of sustainability in motion. There’s work to be done – now and in the future – and every action counts. So what are you waiting for? Join in. Make a difference. 

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