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Calyx: More than a Trash Bin

Calyx: Through the captivating FlowerBin®, designed specifically for festivals, we inspire a recycling mentality and combat the throw-away mindset.

Calyx: More than a Trash Bin

Let us introduce you Calyx, a transformative project that proves that a trash bin can be much more than a receptacle for waste. It’s a symbol of conscious change, a prompt for eco-friendly actions, and a shining example of recycling made beautiful.

Project Timeframe: Initiated in 2018, ongoing

Location: Tomorrowland

The Aspiration
Our ambition is to fundamentally shift behaviours, encouraging everyone to make sorting and recycling a deeply ingrained habit. We aim to foster a new consciousness around materials, enlightening festival-goers about their value, not just their disposal. Our end goal? Zero litter.

The Positive Ripple
Love Tomorrow, with the help of an innovation grant from MIP and in collaboration with OVAM, the City of Antwerp, Total Waste Systems & Fosfor, transformed an idea into reality: the FlowerBin®. The success and insights gathered paved the way for the next generation of waste bins, the Lovebin and Calyx, both now integral parts of The Recycle Club.

These bins aren’t just easy for festival-goers to use, they are also convenient for our crew to manage and store, ensuring the project’s sustainability.

Our Impact: Facts and Figures
The Calyx bin has dramatically improved waste disposal at Tomorrowland. We’ve reduced the volume of litter discarded on the ground by a third since the project’s inception. In 2013, only 30% of waste was correctly sorted. By 2019, this figure had soared to 80%.

That way we keep Tomorrowland, and our planet, clean and beautiful for generations to come. Let’s remember that every bin is, indeed, more than a trash bin.

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