Transforming festival camping into a circular activity with minimal environmental impact and maximum added value for society.
2016 - Now
Project Involves:
Circular solutions


To transform the (festival) camping experience into a social and circular story.


By combining the best of carefree camping with sustainable solutions and social entrepreneurship, Camp2Camp – a game-changing collaboration between Love Tomorrow and Ecoso, a social enterprise – brings the camping experience to a whole new level.

Camp2Camp was initially born to bring a solution to the ever-growing amount of camping gear getting left behind at festival campsites.

In the spirit of “value, not waste”, equipment that is left behind on the campsite is collected, cleaned & repaired, and then through reuse proudly given a second life, and a third one, …

All Camp2Camp activities – from collection to rental service – happen in partnership with a social workplace for vulnerable youth. Learning and orientation trajectories are organised, so youngsters can simultaneously learn skills as well as to identify their passion.

Positive impact generated

Since the start of Camp2Camp, it has been a sweet spot where camper convenience meets social & ecological value. From 2016 on:

  • campers can travel light, carefree and at an affordable price
  • recycled camp gear is rented out at very low prices to youth movements, special youth care, financially struggling families and social organisations. This way, many are given the opportunity to make camping memories last a lifetime
  • vulnerable youngsters learn new skills and find purpose again via the social economy
  • the environmental impact of festival camping is drastically reduced thanks to the reuse model

Camp2Camp was grouped into a new not-for-profit organisation (The Value Factory) at the start of 2020 to strengthen and broaden its activities. The organisation is now looking into the development of own sustainable camping materials.

What's next

Since Covid-19 interrupted the event sector, Camp2Camp is exploring opportunities for pop-up campsites in rural areas. The first tryouts were held in the summer of 2021.

Camp2Camp will continue to expand its rental business to other campsites, to further reduce the environmental impact of campsites. Camp2Camp also continues to reach and inspire as many youngsters as possible, helping them learn new skills and find their purpose.

Let’s team up to make positive impact.

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