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Camp2Camp: Transforming festival camping with sustainability and social empowerment. Rent recycled gear, reduce your footprint, and make lifelong memories.


Welcome to Camp2Camp – a journey of transformation and preservation, where the passion for festival camping meets a commitment to sustainability and social empowerment. It’s a powerful testament to the belief that what’s fun can also be sustainable and beneficial to our society.

Our Mission
Launched in 2016 on the vibrant grounds of Tomorrowland, Camp2Camp has one compelling objective – to transform the festival camping experience into a circular, ecological, and socially uplifting story. Aiming to ensure the longevity and value of camping gear, we inspire festival-goers to tread lightly, bring only what’s necessary and to leave no trace behind.

Our Approach
Our methodology is as unique as the mission. In partnership with Ecoso, a social enterprise, we’ve married the joys of carefree camping with sustainable practices. We breathe new life into abandoned camping gear, preserving and giving them a second, third, and even fourth chance to be a part of the magic that is Tomorrowland.

Each piece of gear, whether it be a tent, sleeping bag, or camping chair, is collected after the festival, meticulously cleaned, and lovingly repaired. Post-revival, this equipment becomes part of an exciting rental service, set up and waiting for festival-goers on arrival, allowing them to travel light and carefree.

Camp2Camp is also a heartening example of social entrepreneurship. The project involves a social workplace for vulnerable youth, offering them hands-on experience and teaching them valuable skills.

Love Tomorrow

Achievements & Impact
The ripples created by Camp 2 Camp extend far beyond the festival. Through years of dedication, we have transformed festival camping into a circular activity, reducing environmental impact while adding significant value to society. Here’s what we’ve achieved since 2016:

  • A travel light, carefree and affordable camping experience for festival-goers.
  • Renting out recycled gear at minimal prices to youth movements, struggling families, and social organisations, fostering lifelong camping memories.
  • Providing vocational training and purpose for vulnerable youths through our social economy project.
  • Drastic reduction in the environmental footprint of festival camping through our reuse model.
  • Camp2Camp evolved into a not-for-profit organisation, The Value Factory, in 2020 to broaden its horizon. Today, we’re not just focusing on recycling but are also actively developing our own sustainable camping materials.

Through this inspiring journey, Camp2Camp is reshaping the way we experience festivals – emphasising that we can party, enjoy, and yet be responsible and compassionate. As we march ahead, we continue to stand as a beacon of Love Tomorrow’s commitment to a better, greener, and more inclusive Tomorrowland.

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