Drink More Water

Tomorrowland’s Initiative for Hydration, Health, and Happy Memories

Drink More Water

There’s more to an unforgettable festival than just music, dance, and camaraderie – it’s also about maintaining our health and well-being amidst all the fun. That’s why Love Tomorrow, inspired by Tomorrowland, presents the Drink More Water initiative.

Our Mission: Raising the Glass to Hydration

Drink More Water is about ensuring festival-goers have a memorable, enjoyable, and safe Tomorrowland experience. This initiative aims to promote awareness about the importance of staying hydrated, especially while consuming alcohol at the festival, to help prevent potential harm and health issues.

Our Approach: Hydration at Every Step

Drink More Water believes that the journey to well-being starts with every sip. While water can’t speed up alcohol processing, our bodies require it to break down alcohol effectively. Drinking water also provides countless benefits: it keeps us energised, helps prevent mental fog, and supports our overall health.

To bring our message to the People of Tomorrow, we’ve placed mobile water bars across the Holy Grounds of Tomorrowland. These bars serve a dual purpose: they offer free cups of water to attendees and serve as reminders to stay hydrated throughout the day.

Moreover, we use digital screens at various bars to amplify our message, urging festival-goers to drink more water to enhance their festival adventure.

Drink More Water

Achievements: Maximising Adventure, Minimising Risks

The Drink More Water initiative has made significant strides in promoting responsible partying at Tomorrowland. Through the availability of free water and persistent reminders, we’ve noticed increased awareness among attendees about the importance of hydration, contributing to a safer and more enjoyable festival experience.

As we continue with the Drink More Water initiative, we look forward to ensuring that the People of Tomorrow can party today while remaining healthy and hydrated for all the tomorrows to come.

Up Next: Stay tuned to learn more about the Drink More Water initiative and other projects aimed at making Tomorrowland a beacon of sustainable and responsible partying. Because at Love Tomorrow, we believe that the festival of today should not compromise the wellness of tomorrow.

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