Joining Forces with Claire: A New Chapter in Local Sustainability

Embracing Local: How Love Tomorrow, Torfs and Qframe (Cronos Group) are Fast-Tracking Climate Transition with Start-up Claire.
Joining Forces with Claire: A New Chapter in Local Sustainability

When we envisioned Love Tomorrow, we wanted to go beyond grand gestures and broad ideologies. We wished to create real, meaningful changes in our local communities, knitting a tightly woven tapestry of sustainability and forward-thinking practices. And today, we’re proud to introduce one such initiative: our collaboration with start-up Claire.

Location: Belgium

Our Mission: Turning Carbon Footprints into Green Markers

Our goal, shared with innovative companies like Torfs and Qframe (Cronos Group), is simple yet profound: to accelerate climate transition by offsetting our CO2 emissions through Claire. This marvellous platform connects companies with local, sustainable projects, effectively facilitating reliable CO2 compensation and inspiring an inclusive story of climate transition.

Our Approach: Home-Grown Sustainability

To us, the journey to climate neutrality involves twofold action: reducing our own emissions and offsetting those we can’t eliminate yet. Partnering with Claire enables us to achieve these goals while nurturing local initiatives. These projects include local schools, farms, and training institutions that transition to eco-friendly technologies or rebuild carbon in the soil, with the carbon offset calculated through ISO-validated methods.

We prioritise local compensation for an invaluable reason: it alters mindsets and makes climate transition a collective narrative. Since all projects are in Belgium, compensators can visit and verify these projects, turning abstract numbers into tangible transformations.

Results: Celebrating Positive Impact

Our partnership with Claire has yielded promising results, with several companies now aligning their sustainability policies with local offsetting and chain reduction. With Claire’s help, we receive reliable ISO-verified CO2 certificates, assuring us of the effectiveness of our efforts.

Love Tomorrow is now in talks with Boom schools to extend this matchmaking for even more impactful local sustainability. By fostering this symbiotic relationship between businesses and local projects, we’re not just ticking boxes for climate compensation, but reshaping our society to be truly sustainable.

In conclusion, as we continue to collaborate with Claire and other companies, we uphold the belief that our collective effort towards a greener tomorrow is not only necessary but inspiring and achievable. We invite you to join us on this path, because when it comes to sustainability, every action matters.

Up Next
Stay tuned for more information about our work with Claire and other exciting initiatives on our path to a more sustainable future. Together, let’s make tomorrow worth loving.