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Love Tomorrow x River Cleanup

River Cleanup: A partnership combating plastic pollution and inspiring environmental stewardship. A mission to create a future where everyone mirrors their respect for nature.

Love Tomorrow x River Cleanup

In the spirit of Love Tomorrow’s commitment to sustainability, we proudly present our cooperation with River Cleanup – an influential global networking organisation combating plastic pollution in our beautiful rivers.

Our alliance with River Cleanup took root in the verdant land of De Schorre, Tomorrowland’s beloved site, in 2019. The intention was clear: to inspire festival-goers and the broader community to cherish our surroundings, and to prevent plastic waste from finding its way into our waterways, ultimately threatening our precious oceans.

Our Mission: Sparkling Waters, Clearer Tomorrow
Our ambitious objective is to transform behaviour and habits, creating a future where our crew and festival attendees mirror the respect for nature they show in their own homes. By establishing a clean and sustainable campsite model, we aim to create ripples that extend beyond the festival’s magical borders.

Our Approach: Inspire, Act, Transform
Our approach is dual-faceted: increasing the number of dedicated volunteers to maintain cleanliness during the festival, and optimising waste management on-site, specifically in crew campsites. We trust in our crew’s ability to lead by example and foster a community of environmentally conscious attendees.

To consolidate our efforts, we’ve introduced an annual cleanup day following the festival. But our endeavour extends further than River Cleanup collaboration. The cleanup day serves as a beacon for collective responsibility and care towards our planet.

Achievements: A Cleaner Chapter

Our first collaborative endeavour during World Cleanup Day in 2020 was a resounding success, yielding 150 kilos of litter from De Schorre and the banks of the Rupel. Amongst the litter, we found common culprits: straws, cans, bottles and cigarette butts, alongside unexpected items such as blocks for nadar fences, fragments of the festival floor and an old bicycle.

Our crew, armoured with an unwavering resolve, meticulously cleaned the area, transforming it into a cleaner and more welcoming space. The initiative uncovered the hidden reality of pollution that often goes unnoticed. This discovery has only strengthened our commitment to achieving our goal.

Love Tomorrow’s partnership with River Cleanup continues to thrive. Join us as we progress further into our journey, fostering a cleaner, more sustainable festival and a brighter tomorrow.

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