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Responsible Crew Shirts

Discover how the Responsible Crew Shirts project is helping Tomorrowland make its fashion line more sustainable, supporting Indian cotton farmers, and promoting circular economy.

Responsible Crew Shirts

In 2019, Love Tomorrow embarked on a project with a simple yet profound goal: Make Tomorrowland’s fashion and merchandising more sustainable. From this vision was born the Responsible Crew Shirts project, a journey that marries ecological materials, fair production processes, and circular design with the incredible spirit of Tomorrowland.

Our Mission
Our mission was to create an organic cotton crew shirt that you would be proud to wear, knowing it was created responsibly, both socially and ecologically. We wanted to make sure each shirt had a story, a story of who made it and how it contributed to a more sustainable world.

Our Approach
Every detail was thought through, from sourcing organic cotton from India to ensuring humane working conditions for producers. We incorporated a continuous reuse model where crew members would swap their used shirts for washing and reuse, tracked via smart systems on the crew wristbands. When shirts reached their life’s end, they were upcycled into high-quality jeans jackets, thanks to our partnership with Urban Fibres and the NGO GVK Society.

Responsible Crew Shirts

The Impact
As the Responsible Crew Shirts project unfolded, we watched as our dreams became reality. We produced 30,000 new, durable crew shirts, reducing water consumption by ten times per T-shirt. We transitioned from using 3-5 shirts to just one shirt per crew member per year, marking a massive leap towards our sustainability goals for 2025.

We didn’t stop at our own doorstep. The project also positively impacted 26 villages in South India, where 235 cotton farmer families saw their income increase by over 30%. The farmers remained 100% debt-free, with no new loans required and additional support to pay off old ones. Furthermore, we were able to eliminate the use of toxic pesticides, chemical fertilisers, and genetically modified organisms entirely, promoting regenerative agriculture.

The Future
The story of the Responsible Crew Shirts is an ongoing one. Every crew member donning a shirt becomes a part of this story – a story of a more sustainable, equitable, and brighter future. As we continue our mission, we look forward to creating more projects like this, contributing to a better Tomorrow(land).

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