Sustainable Water Management Plan: A Future of Responsible Water Usage by 2030

Taking sustainable strides with our Water Management Plan 2030, embracing a circular approach to water consumption at Tomorrowland.
Sustainable Water Management Plan: A Future of Responsible Water Usage by 2030

In the pursuit of sustainable strides, Love Tomorrow, the sustainability platform initiated by Tomorrowland, is determined to set a milestone with our Water Management Plan 2030. This project underpins our unwavering commitment to protect and cherish our planet’s most precious resource – water.

Our Mission
Embarking on this journey in 2023, our objective is to embrace a circular approach to water use at Tomorrowland. We envision the festival being a beacon of sustainable water management, where water is not merely consumed, but smartly measured, optimally used, and responsibly recycled.

Our Approach
To make our water use as circular as possible, we’re investing in smart technology. We have planned the installation of smart water meters, enabling us to measure our water consumption accurately. These insights will help us take targeted action and monitor progress effectively.

While we’re fully connecting the festival to surface water from 2023, with the exception of the core stage (due to logistical constraints), we are conducting experiments at DreamVille, our dedicated camping space. Here, we’re testing the reuse of rinse water, aiming to make DreamVille connected to grey water in the future.

The Impact
Although it’s only the beginning of our journey, we’re proud to state that our rinse water, currently discharged into the pond, undergoes treatment by Aquafin, ensuring it doesn’t go to waste. Moreover, our wastewater is effectively drained by DSSV to Aquafin for treatment.

While the idea of treating wastewater on-site is on the cards, we are carefully studying the feasibility considering the high volumes and pollutant loads. But with the progress we’ve made so far, we’re optimistic about reaching our 2030 goal.