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The Recycle Club

The Recycle Club: Pioneering the path to world’s cleanest festival site. Discover our efforts towards achieving this ambitious objective.

The Recycle Club

A story of transformation – turning waste into a source of renewable materials and dreaming up a cleaner Tomorrowland. With Love Tomorrow, we’ve created a unique initiative: The Recycle Club, which began at Dreamville in 2015. It’s here that we’ve reshaped perceptions about waste and recycling, adding a twist of joy and magic to the way we deal with materials at Tomorrowland.

Embarking on the Journey
In the heart of Tomorrowland, where music, culture and art resonate, our Recycle Club was born. Beginning in 2015, we initiated a project at Dreamville that’s still ongoing. Our goal? To inspire people to view waste not as refuse, but as raw materials with potential, waiting to be transformed and endlessly reused.

Our Unique Approach
In a ground-breaking move, Love Tomorrow carried out extensive research in collaboration with the government, studying waste behaviour at festivals. This led to the inception of the Recycle Club with Tomorrowland and Dreamville. We’ve combined fun with practicality and accessibility to seamlessly blend recycling into the festival experience.

Our approach consists of four key pillars designed to motivate and encourage visitors to recycle:

  • Facilitate: With our Calyx bins, recycle points and recycle kits, we’ve made recycling a breeze
  • Communicate: By promoting awareness about taking care of camping materials. Furthermore, we’ve created clear sorting symbols, guidelines and signage, along with dedicated recycle teams.
  • Activate: Our Recycle Teams serve as ambassadors, inspiring others to sort and recycle. At the Recycle Clubhouse, we offer fun and informal information on keeping the campsite clean.
  • Inspire: We’ve added a touch of magic by 3D-printing furniture from granulates derived from our own onsite recycled PET bottles and plastic at the Recycle Clubhouse.
The Recycle Club

Our efforts have borne remarkable fruit. Since the start of the Recycle Club in 2015, the amount of correctly sorted PMD at Tomorrowland has multiplied by 35. The festival and campsite have never been cleaner. This remarkable achievement is a testament to the combined efforts of our visitors and crew, who have wholeheartedly embraced the Recycle Club concept.

This is our love for Tomorrowland – to create a sustainable and clean environment where people from different generations and backgrounds come together to enjoy unforgettable experiences, inspiring them to take a step towards a cleaner tomorrow.

Let’s continue this journey together, turning our waste into wonder, and creating the cleanest festival and campsite in the world. Together, we’re not only recycling materials, we’re recycling love for our planet and our future.

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