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Tomorrowlands Recycled Cup Festival Flags


The latest initiative at Tomorrowland involves transforming waste into resources, specifically focusing on the festival’s plastic cups. This effort is showcased in the production of the 20th-anniversary Tomorrowland flag, made from 80% recycled polyester.

The production process of the flags involves several steps and key partners. Waste is initially collected on-site by Renewi and Remondis. Following collection, a special agreement with Indaver, located near the festival in Willebroek, ensures that the plastic waste is sorted and processed separately. This guarantees that the materials can be traced back directly to the festival, a step beyond traditional waste management practices.

The sorted PET materials, primarily cups, are then converted into flakes. These flakes form the foundation for further processing into yarns, which are subsequently woven into fabric to create the flags. This process highlights a shift from using virgin polyester materials, which are common in flag production, to recycled materials, thereby reducing dependency on new polyester production and its environmental impact.

Although this practice may not classify as upcycling, it significantly raises awareness among festival-goers about the possibilities of recycling and the impact of such practices. By adopting these methods, the production of the flags challenges the industry norm, striving for high-quality products without compromising the festival’s vibrant aesthetic.

Statistics reveal the scale and impact of this initiative: 13,525 flags have been produced using recycled polyester,  contributing significantly towards a reduction in the overall environmental impact, demonstrating that innovative recycling can lead to substantial ecological benefits.

This project highlights the innovative efforts in recycling within the entertainment industry, showing that high standards in sustainability can align with quality and innovation.

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