Waterbar by BOSAQ – Water of Tomorrow

Waterbar by BOSAQ: Creating a ripple effect of water consciousness by serving locally, purified water through an innovative off-grid installation.

Waterbar by BOSAQ - Water of Tomorrow

As we sway to the beats of Tomorrowland, we recognise the essence of water not just to sustain our bodies, but to enrich the very life on this planet. At Love Tomorrow, we seek to redefine our relationship with water, to hold it sacred as it should be. And thus, the project “Waterbar by BOSAQ – Water of Tomorrow” was born..

Our Goal: The Ripple Effect
Inaugurated in 2019 within the vibrant heart of Tomorrowland, this project aims to serve locally produced, healthy drinking water. It is not merely about satiating thirst; it’s about creating a ripple effect of water consciousness. By recovering and purifying water from local sources, we hope to highlight the potential of sustainability even in the simplest of our necessities.

Our Approach: Let it Flow

Our approach flows just like the River Rupel, whose water we channel through an innovative, off-grid installation right at Tomorrowland. The WaterBar from BOSAQ, a symbol of modern ingenuity, uses high-end membrane technology powered by renewable energy to purify water for immediate and safe consumption. This isn’t just about providing water, but about a new way of seeing, a new way of experiencing water.

As Jacob Bossaer, Founder & CEO of BOSAQ, says, “Premium water from a local source without requiring transportation or single-use plastics is the future. By linking this to the non-profit organisation ‘Water Heroes’, we deliver positive ecological and social impact.”

Results: Quenching Thirst, Inspiring Change
The Waterbar by BOSAQ has been more than a source of hydration; it’s been an instrument of change. By providing pure water drawn from local sources, we’ve reduced our reliance on direct water supply and mitigated the need for plastic bottles. But more than these tangible effects, the true success lies in the change of mindset it has initiated, a wave of water consciousness sweeping over each individual, inspiring them to think and act sustainably.

Our journey with water doesn’t end here. We are committed to sustaining this momentum, to continue influencing behaviours and network solutions that work in harmony with the environment. Water is the essence of life, and as we dance to the beat of Tomorrowland, we aspire to celebrate it, respect it, and most importantly, preserve it for our tomorrows.

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