Waterville – A Vision for Water Tomorrow

Love Tomorrow introduces Waterville, an innovative sustainability initiative in partnership with the University of Antwerp and VITO, merging technology and conservation for a sustainable future.

Waterville - A Vision for Water Tomorrow

Bursting forth from our springs of innovation, Love Tomorrow proudly presents Waterville, a groundbreaking initiative that embodies the spirit of sustainability and instils it in our daily practices. In collaboration with the University of Antwerp and VITO, Waterville stands at the intersection of technology and conservation, encapsulating the heart of our efforts towards a sustainable future.

Our Mission
Our goal is crystal clear – to revolutionise water usage through smart networks in events and cities. Since the inception of Waterville in 2016, we have strived to mould a living lab, wherein we can study, influence, and enhance the water consumption patterns of consumers. By encouraging mindful usage, we aim to create ripples of change that go beyond the festival and infiltrate the cities of tomorrow.

Our Approach
DreamVille, the Tomorrowland campsite, is our living lab. We are harnessing the power of communicating smart metres, recording water usage in real-time. This vital data provides insight into individual and collective consumption patterns, allowing us to manage water networks effectively, ensuring no shortage, no excess. Through innovative communication strategies and interactive signage at fresh water points, we encourage our visitors to ‘save water for tomorrow’. Moreover, we extend the experience beyond the festival with surveys, nudging attendees to reflect further on their water usage.

Unveiling The Project: Waterville
Launched on the 26th February 2018, Waterville made waves as a living lab for water consumption study at DreamVille. With the deployment of smart sensors, we are tracking intricate consumption patterns and testing various communication approaches. The ambition is clear – to achieve a local water saving of at least 20%, inspiring thousands of visitors and creating a splash in the event and public water sectors.

Journey So Far
Our diligent team, including water economists, environmental technologists, and software specialists, is dedicated to optimising water network dimensioning and aligning supply with demand more effectively. Since 2016, we have tracked consumption patterns with smart meters, and by July 2017, we started correlating live data with visitor count. This data gives us the potential to personalise water usage and enhance management techniques.

Nudging Towards Change
Through behavioural studies, we aim to encourage water conservation as a natural choice. By intertwining technology with behavioural knowledge, we are exploring new possibilities to encourage sustainable practices without compromising visitor comfort. We are experimenting with creative communications, like simulation games and ambient lighting displays, to facilitate a mindful interaction with water.

Beyond Tomorrowland: Smart Cities
Waterville is not limited to Tomorrowland; it is a blueprint for smart cities of the future. The insights gained from the project are being integrated into broader research on smart cities, with the intention of maximising water savings and optimising usage across all sectors. Through collaboration with event sectors, water companies, and government authorities, we are facilitating a knowledge exchange, paving the way for a sustainable urban future.

Waterville: Creating Ripples of Change
An exciting amalgamation of innovation, sustainability, and technology, Waterville is the embodiment of Love Tomorrow’s commitment to a sustainable future. Here’s to mindful consumption, smart cities, and a sustainable tomorrow.

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