Captivating Belgian Four Piece

A blend of Afro-Portuguese and South American sound with electronica, combined with the mystical voice of Brenda Corijn: this foursome brings magic to every stage they’re on.


Some bands bring a sound so unique that you can’t help but stop and listen. This is the case with Ão, the exciting Belgian four combining a mix of cultures and sounds. You’ll find Afro-Portuguese and South American influence, layered with electronica and indie, bound by the hypnotising voice of Brenda Corijn. Drawing on Brenda’s Mozambican-Portuguese roots with lyrics in Portuguese and English, Siebe Chau’s southern guitar, the ambient sounds and production of Jolan Decaestecker and the percussion of Bert Peyffers, the result is rhythms that captivate any audience. They surfaced in December 2022 with the single ‘Mulher’, which skyrocketed and garnered airplay globally. After sold-out shows last year, they’re set to mesmerise audiences across the country.

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