Dirk Vangeneugden

Valorisation Director, VITO 'Materials and Chemistry

Dirk Vangeneugden, PhD in Chemistry, is an expert in sustainable tech with over two decades of experience in chemistry, carbon capture, and battery materials. He holds over 25 patents.


Dirk Vangeneugden brings a wealth of experience as a PhD chemist with a 25-year track record in sustainable technological research focused on chemistry, carbon capture & conversion, and materials for next-generation batteries. He holds over 25 patents and has successfully transformed these inventions into practical applications through collaborations with academic and industrial partners. As a lifelong Star Wars enthusiast, his passion for space has steered him towards developing key technologies for space exploration and extraterrestrial settlements, utilizing advanced catalysis and 3D printing techniques. His current role as Valorisation Director at VITO underscores his commitment to pioneering innovative, sustainable solutions in materials and chemistry.

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