Evolena de Wilde d'Estmael

Evolena de Wilde d'Estmael

Climate Activist and Sustainable Shopping Visionary

Evolena de Wilde d’Estmael is an award-winning greentech pioneer and CEO and co-founder of Faircado. Turning activism into impact, she uses AI to transform second-hand shopping, making pre-loved the go-to choice. A Slush100 winner, Evolena is driving a sustainable future forward through conscious consumption.

Evolena de Wilde d’Estmael is champion for a circular economy.

CEO and co-founder of Faircado, she is leading the way with her AI-powered second-hand shopping app that finds cheaper second-hand alternatives for shoppers online.

She’s rewriting the rules of fashion and earning accolades like Slush100 winner and Top 100 Women in Social Enterprises. Evolena’s story is proof that activism can have real impact.

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