Karen De Sousa Pesse

Karen De Sousa Pesse

AI and Gender Bias Expert, 2023 Dianne Bevelander Award Recipient

Karen De Sousa Pesse is a renowned speaker and advocate for gender inclusivity in technology. Her work highlights the critical biases in AI and machine learning, emphasizing the need for a gender perspective in technological development

Karen De Sousa Pesse is celebrated for her impactful presentations on artificial intelligence and its intersection with gender bias, most notably at TedXBrussels. She explores the significant implications of underrepresentation in data across various sectors like healthcare, security, and banking. Awarded the 2023 Dianne Bevelander Prize for her advocacy on women’s rights in technology, Karen’s insights challenge and inspire a reevaluation of data inclusivity. Her approach not only addresses biases in AI but also promotes practical steps towards equitable technological solutions.

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