A Tomorrow We Choose: Create a Short Film for the Big Screen at Love Tomorrow 2024

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Love Tomorrow 2024 is thrilled to announce ‘A Tomorrow We Choose’, a pioneering campaign that invites the Love Tomorrow community to co-create a short film for Love Tomorrow 2024, with the help of AI.

Imagine a future shaped by our collective choices. A world brimming with sustainability, innovation and a deep connection to the planet. This isn’t science fiction – it’s the tomorrow we can build together.

Here’s How to be Part of It

Love Tomorrow 2024 is kicking things off with a short online survey that encourages you to:

  • Envision Your Ideal 2040: Describe three major changes in society, environment, health, or innovation that would create a beautiful tomorrow.
  • Personal Impact: Share the daily choices or habits, big or small, that you commit to in order to shape the future you desire.
  • Boundless Dreams: If you could design a perfect future without limits, what astonishing or groundbreaking features would it include?

Fill in the Survey here.

Your Answers, Powered by AI, Become the Story

Love Tomorrow 2024 and its partner Wildstream will harness the power of AI to create a compelling, connected film, reflecting the community’s vision.

The finished film premieres on the Freedom Stage’s massive LED screen at Love Tomorrow 2024. Be there to see your ideas come to life on a grand scale.

Speak Up to Shape the Story – Take the Survey

Share your ideas – take the online survey until Tuesday 11 June. Don’t miss out on being part of this. Make ‘A Tomorrow We Choose’ a story to inspire the future.

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