Discover the 17 Startups of Tomorrow at the Love Tomorrow Conference

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Discover the 17 Startups of Tomorrow at the Love Tomorrow Conference

Innovative talent is all around us. In collaboration with Start it X, we are giving 17 Belgian start-ups the chance to pitch their impactful ideas to the Creators of Tomorrow. Take your chance to engage with them and be inspired by their bravery. Who knows, maybe it will be you on the stage in a few years?

Through Start it @KBC, a programme within Start it Accelerate, startups have the chance to enter an amazing community. The reason why Start it X, the umbrella organisation, is backing talented entrepreneurs is simple: to promote local embeddedness, knowledge, and inclusivity. From Start it Accelerate to  Start it Academy. And from Start it Ventures to Start it Hubs. Their community is all about innovation and sustainability.

To further strengthen their community, Start it @KBC has given their members the chance to get featured at our Love Tomorrow Conference. No less than 17 impactful, sustainable Start-ups of Tomorrow will be pitching their ideas on stage. Furthermore, 4 other start-ups will be demoing their products or services. After all, the platform of our beloved Love Tomorrow Conference is the ideal time and place to connect with other sustainability experts and investors, and to gain public attention.

Discover the 17 Startups of Tomorrow at the Love Tomorrow Conference

Join these start-ups at our Love Tomorrow Conference


This startup, which creates eco-friendly ways to harness energy from rivers and canals with their hydroelectric turbines, was recently showcased in our monthly newsletter. Their Living RiversTM technology powers businesses and communities without harming the environment or aquatic life, and emits zero CO2.

SAM sensory & more

Innovative thinking meets fashion with Sam sensory & more. This brand of sensory-friendly clothing and accessories is changing the game for people struggling with ASD, ADHD, high sensitivity, or sensory overload. Their soft and seamless clothing, biting elements, stress ball, and weighted fashionable wearables provide a stress-reduced experience for both kids and adults.

The platform introduces a new way of using big data location. As a powerful self-service analytics platform, it easily analyzes the dynamic world without the need to code. From maritime analytics and mobility analytics to people flow analytics. This tool makes insights available in minutes, instead of months.

BASE skis

Sports shouldn’t be contributing to global pollution, and that’s what BASE skis is putting a stop to. With their redesigned skis, they say goodbye to leaving trails of microplastics and wax behind on the skiing slopes. Zero pollution on the mountains and 100% recyclable skis: it’s all possible thanks to this start-up.

Thanks to this new player on the energy market, Net Zero energy with a 10 to 30% lower cost than traditional energy is now possible for industrial companies. Throwing electrification, flexibility, and renewables into the mix, the software products of create a future-proof energy management system. From transparent monitoring to insightful reporting, this start-up has it covered.


Removing waste from beaches one sandal at a time. This start-up created eco-friendly sandals for which vegan, recycled and fully recyclable materials were used. With each pair of these circular sandals, Nuoceans cleans about 500 grams of old, discarded flip-flops from the coastlines. With their mission, they prove that fashion and ethics can go hand in hand.

Imby Petfood

This start-up has created the solution for pet owners who’re struggling to find a pet food brand that doesn’t upset the stomach of their loyal four-legged friend. Because with their food based on insect protein and plant-based ingredients, Imby’s Petfood not only helps prevent animal cruelty, but also provides an option for pets with food allergies. Furthermore, due to swearing off meat, this brand raises awareness about a possible greenhouse gas emissions reduction of 80% in the industry.


Starting up life in our fast-paced society again after being in prison, is not the easiest task. That’s why Transit’Insert works to develop good conditions of reintegration for those who are in prison or will soon be leaving it. With their prison rehabilitation program and reintegration support service, they aim to create a prevention and awareness-raising body to positively impact society.

Green Circle Salons Benelux

Beauty and sustainability can go hand in hand thanks to this start-up. Green Circle Salons Benelux collects waste from the beauty industry – which creates up to 12 kg of waste per minute – and recycles it. With their mission they want to create awareness, promote a circular economy, and reduce the industry’s CO2 footprint.


Who said farmers and drones are a mismatch have definitely not heard of Croptic yet. With their affordable, fast, and easy drone data, they’re revolutionizing agriculture by using drones for weed detection. Thanks to this data, farmers can save 70% of pesticide on average and increase their productivity. All of this makes the Farm to Fork strategy possible, with less negative impact on our environment.


Health issues and a weakened immune system don’t necessarily mean you have to stop doing the things you love. For lots of people, selfcare is a routine that destresses and nurtures the mind, which is why Moski has created a safe skincare brand for oncology patients. With this brand the start-up wants to empower everyone facing this reality and create a community for them to fall back on.


Keeping evil out of money: that the mission of this start-up. Unbox challenges the idea that labor and capital should always be rewarded in capital, and that helicopter money is a smart way to boost the economy. They believe that only by ensuring efficient and targetable funding distribution, positive behaviors can be reinforced, and corruption can be prevented. With their closed-loop system, they’re paving the way to the economy of Tomorrow.


Women’s prenatal healthcare still needs drastic improvement worldwide. That’s why Maternia is addressing the global health challenge of stillbirths and wants to introduce a high-quality yet low-cost solution for women in underserved regions. With this technology, they aim to make a tangible impact on the lives of women everywhere.


No more struggling with invasive products that are harmful to the environment, our animals, and our immune system. BRAUZZ introduces their sustainable cleaning products range which wasn’t tested on animals and doesn’t come in single-use plastic. But most importantly, their products eliminate unnecessary water waste which is a big innovation in the industry.


Wasting liters of water while waiting for it to heat up in the shower is a struggle of the past. With Heau’s new concept, the water is as warm as your previous shower in 3 seconds. This also means less energy waste, on top of less water waste. All thanks to their shower taps that have a unique hydraulic mechanism which stores heat.

Almacena Platform

Almacena Platform introduces a world changing agrotech marketplace that enables sustainable supply chains. Thanks to their end-to-end platform which prides itself in the full visibility of users throughout the supply chain, the lives of both producers and consumers will be enriched.


Fresh microalgae might be the food of the future. Current protein production methods are a big environmental burden, but these proteins are cultivated in advanced bioreactors which leads to a pure product of the highest quality. With high amounts of protein, a massive COconsumption and the absence of pesticides and antibiotics, this super food can be the answer to a lot of global challenges.

Visit the websites of these innovative start-ups and join them at our Conference on July 27.

Together we can create a beautiful tomorrow, one idea after the other.

Don’t wait, secure your tickets now and become part of this unique experience.

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