Discover the Themes of the Love Tomorrow Conference

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Discover the Themes of the Love Tomorrow Conference

Welcome to a future filled with possibility, innovation, and sustainability. This year, we invite you to join us on an inspiring journey at the Love Tomorrow Conference, where we’re exploring the most pressing topics of our time.

1: The Big Blue
Mental health is the greatest wealth. Explore how the blue economy can drive a climate-positive industry and sustainable food production.

2: (In)Sanity
Amid our accelerating world, mental health is often pushed to the back burner. At Love Tomorrow Conference, we will discuss the need for societal change towards prioritising mental well-being.

3: To Be Human and Beyond
What does it mean to be human?
Let’s navigate the intersection of humanity and technology, exploring how we can use tech to enhance our lives without losing our essence.

4: Next Nature
If nature is finished, our economy becomes useless.
What is our future relationship with nature? We’ll look at not just preserving, but also restoring, exploring, and even creating nature.

5: Digital Heroes
If you want people to do things, give them something to copy.
Witness the power of digital influencers in inspiring sustainable practices and instigating positive changes. Will you join them in starting a movement?

6: Fashion Renaissance Fashion doesn’t just reflect our style—it shapes our world. Discover how we can reinvent the fashion system for a more sustainable future.

7: Chronic Health
Your body is your temple.
Discover how healthcare is shifting from disease treatment to chronic health promotion, using technology and personal empowerment.

8: Planet Finance
The value creation of today defines the world of tomorrow.
Join us as we delve into the innovations in finance that can create a more sustainable economy, protecting what’s truly precious.

9: Love Tomorrow Step into the world of Love Tomorrow, dedicated to creating a stable and sustainable future. Our aim is not just to reduce our ecological footprint, but to enhance our happiness and well-being footprint.

10: Feed your Head
Understand the mind to save the world.
How can we make sustainable lifestyles appealing and easy? This theme will delve into the power of our minds, behavioral economics and generational strategies to create a more sustainable future.

11: Regenerative Community Design
This is our time to reimagine urban spaces, creating communities that prioritise well-being and a healthy relationship with nature.

12: Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat
Making sustainable lifestyles attractive and easy.
Join us as we explore systems thinking and innovative collaborations to break down barriers to sustainable lifestyles.

Get ready to embark on an exciting journey that’s not just about learning and celebrating, but about making tangible changes in our lives. Get your Love Tomorrow Conference ticket now.

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