Innovative Entrepreneurs: VITO4STARTERS Pitch Competition at the Love Tomorrow conference 2023

Innovative Entrepreneurs: VITO4STARTERS Pitch Competition at the Love Tomorrow conference 2023

VITO, one of Europe’s leading independent research and technology organisation, promotes various ways of tackling major societal challenges. As part of their mission, they welcome and test all sorts of different technologies, ideas, and visions, which is why they’ve launched VITO4STARTERS, a platform through which they support young cleantech entrepreneurs or start-ups that advance sustainability. In an effort to determine which entrepreneurs will be awarded the support of VITO, the organisation has launched an interactive pitch competition. And which place better to pick the ultimate winner than at our unique Love Tomorrow Conference.

On 27 July 2023, during the Love Tomorrow Conference, the final of VITO4STARTERS’ interactive pitch competition will take place. Through this competition, VITO brings its network and technical expertise within the reach of no less than 6 innovation-minded entrepreneurs and inspiring start-ups. All of them focus on cleantech domains such as sustainable materials, sustainable processes, or renewable energy. With VITO’s technical knowledge and access to resources, these contenders will compete for the chance at an accelerated start in contributing to a more Sustainable Tomorrow.

The software products of that contribute to more Net Zero Energy are the future of energy management. Made entry-level and transparent, complex data gets translated into actionable insights that can actually be used to improve energy performance. Consisting of data engineering, energy balance reporting, energy cost reporting, benchmarking, and improvement potential, these products unlock the power of electrification, flexibility, and renewables.


Battling food waste isn’t an easy task but this start-up is up to the challenge. By redesigning the water-based freezing process on earth and in the sky, weather-related damage in the fruit sector could be drastically reduced. To do so, the visionary mind behind W’Ice has developed a solution based on a new protein biomaterial, of which just one application would suffice to make a positive change.

Clean Water Global

Polluted water has been a global issue for many years. That’s why the entrepreneurs behind Clean Water Global have thought of logistical solutions to put a halt to chemical pollution from paint products. Because often, neither painters nor other players in the painting industry are aware of the fact that the components found in paint rinse water should be kept far away from our planet’s water resources.


This independent digital platform wants to make energy-sharing the new norm. Starting in Flanders, VONKT wants to encourage people to share their energy by connecting sellers with buyers based on their consumption. In addition, they ensure correct and transparent monthly billing, which leads to a lower energy cost and 100% green energy without having to switch energy suppliers.

CatOlyst Chemtech

Reaching carbon-neutral industrial goals will become a lot easier thanks to the development of catalytic technologies by CatOlyst Chemtech. Their research and developments in chemical engineering will lead to a shift from a fossil fuel-based chemical industry to a more sustainable one. And on top of that, their technological insights allow them to tweak existing conventional synthesis routes so that sustainable energy becomes possible there as well.


On-demand charging for electric vehicles has become a new reality thanks to Uze. Their charging service works like any well-known take-out application that is currently on the market. Users of their innovative service park their electric car, request a charge online, and return to their charged vehicle. By charging cars up to 200 km in 40 min, Uze creates a whole lot of new possibilities for green transportation.

From 13:30 to 15:30, these promising contenders will be pitching in front of the Atmosphere stage. They will be competing for the VITO4STARTERS Award, but also for a chance of being funded by VITO’s Clean Vision Invest fund. With an introduction by Inge Neven and a final word by Bruno Reyntjens, it will most definitely be an inspiring and eye-opening experience. So, make sure not to miss this exciting competition and the amazing ideas of these Creators of Tomorrow.

Don’t wait, secure your tickets now and become part of this unique experience.

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