Meet the Six Scientists Speaking at Love Tomorrow 2024

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This year, Love Tomorrow 2024, in partnership with VITO, is proud to introduce six distinguished scientists who will enlighten attendees with their innovative research and insights. These experts, representing the cutting-edge of environmental and technological research, will explore crucial topics that resonate with the ethos of sustainability and advanced science.

Nathalie Lambrechts

Dr. Nathalie Lambrechts explores the nexus of environment and health as Project Manager at VITO’s Environmental Intelligence Unit, pioneering community-engaged health data initiatives.

Dirk Vangeneugden

Dirk Vangeneugden, PhD in Chemistry, is an expert in sustainable tech with over two decades of experience in chemistry, carbon capture, and battery materials. He holds over 25 patents.

Kris Broos

Kris Broos is an expert in Sustainable Materials Management at VITO, focusing on converting waste into valuable resources through innovative technologies.

Tom Duhoux

A circular economy researcher at VITO, leverages over 15 years of expertise to integrate sustainability within business practices, notably founding the eco-conscious denim brand HNST.

Toon Driesen

Toon Driesen is an innovation expert at Enabel, where he drives sustainable impact through innovative technologies and methodologies in partner countries across Africa and the Middle East. With a background in Agricultural Engineering and Cultures & Development Studies, Toon integrates robust sustainability practices into development projects.


Katrien Van Hooydonk

Katrien Van Hooydonk, a seasoned bio-engineer in Forest and Land Management, specialises in water resource management across various global settings. At VITO’s water team, she drives strategic partnerships and project coordination to bolster international water management solutions.

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