Partners of Change: Creating sustainable business relations with GraydonCreditsafe

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Partners of Change: Creating sustainable business relations with GraydonCreditsafe

Knowing yourself is the first step towards changing the world. GraydonCreditsafe’s core business is at the heart of that philosophy. They use data to create transparency, improve collaboration and thus, change the business world.

A fair economy is only possible when companies are honest about their inner workings. That’s why GraydonCreditsafe believes data-driven decisions are the only way to ensure healthy long-term (financial) business performance. Especially with the transition businesses will go through to become more sustainable and adhere to the European Green Deal. This kind of corporate social responsibility is, now more than ever, both ethically and economically necessary. So, they’ve developed an ESG/sustainability score to monitor companies and help them to generate a positive financial return on top of a positive social impact.

It’s who you know

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, knowing who you work with is crucial. Transparency in any relationship is important, but in business it is the only sustainable way to make well-informed decisions. Understanding the financial stability and creditworthiness of potential clients and contractors and what kind of business they’re in, is vital to mitigating risks and ensuring business runs smoothly. That is exactly what GraydonCreditsafe does. With their comprehensive credit information and risk management solutions, they empower businesses in their decision-making process.

Business is where the heart is

More than ever, their heart is with helping local businesses thrive, using global data. They cover more than 160 countries, provide access to over 365 million documents, thanks to their 150+ years of expertise. No wonder they are trusted by more than 110.000 clients and 550.000 users around the world.

The GraydonCreditsafe approach truly changes the way corporations do business. They not only are firmly growing themselves year over year, but help their clients to do the same. To grow, to change, to consolidate or to pivot: data is at the center of every important company decision.

Partners of Change: Creating sustainable business relations with GraydonCreditsafe

A force for change
By enabling businesses to make well-informed decisions today, GraydonCreditsafe helps them to carry out their sustainability plans and make a positive change tomorrow. Supporting this mindset, GraydonCreditsafe also monitors the ESG fitness of their client portfolio. This completely aligns with Love Tomorrow and how we encourage our partners to do the best they can in terms of sustainable practices. By being transparent, seeing where improvements can still be made, and learning from one another, the journey to a more sustainable future can begin.

As part of the worldwide Creditsafe group, GraydonCreditsafe is a well-known player when it comes to business credit reports and risk management solutions. With 25 offices in 14 countries, their impeccable reputation for delivering accurate, comprehensive, and reliable credit information to businesses of all sizes and industries precedes them. No wonder, when you know their extensive database encompasses millions of companies worldwide and offers a comprehensive view of their financial health and creditworthiness. In turn, this information contributes to helping companies make well-informed strategic decisions that will lead to a fair economy and a better world.

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