Partners of Change: joining forces to create a better Tomorrow

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Partners of Change: joining forces to create a better Tomorrow

Love Tomorrow is all about exploration. From sustainability to technology. From health to fashion. And of course, with music as the unifying factor throughout this journey. But this magical experience wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for our partners, whose endless support and unique vision for our Conference contributes to its success, time and time again.

Our Love Tomorrow Conference is privileged to be able to collaborate with such an exceptional group of partners. Each and every one of them can be described as a driver of change because of their efforts to make a positive impact on society. And once again, these esteemed organisations and individuals all joined forces with us on our mission to create a better Tomorrow. Their unwavering commitment, invaluable expertise, and educational resources have been instrumental in the success of our event. We are immensely grateful for their contributions, as they have played a pivotal role in shaping the Love Tomorrow Conference into an inspiring platform for knowledge sharing, innovation, and transformative change. Together with our partners, we are creating a bright future.


As Europe’s lead international research and development center, VITO is a true Partner of Change. This organisation has been improving our take on environmental, social, and economic challenges for years already. Not only by strongly advocating for the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, but also by facilitating innovative healthcare, and by stimulating sustainable use of land, space and water.


This Global Sustainable Technology and Innovation Community was blown life into by VITO. With G-STIC, they provide a public platform for innovative sustainable solutions. The real-life examples that are shown here, prove that the necessary technologies to overcome pressing global challenges are readily available.


This Belgian but globally known festival has brought a platform to life that inspires positive change throughout the entire festival. With Switch for Tomorrow, that focusses on sustainability, well-being, and social impact, the organisation behind Tomorrowland wants to incentivise the People of Tomorrow to be more mindful about their impact on and in the world.

De Morgen

De Morgen, a well-known Belgian newspaper, informs its readers on all new trends and technologies. With its positive and emphatic approach to news, they try to drive positive change and shine a light on things that matter.


One of Belgium’s most popular radio stations is MNM, which is part of the public broadcaster VRT. Not only do they try to inform their listeners of new sustainability, well-being, or interesting social trends, but they also try to reduce their carbon footprint by adhering to VRT’s sustainability policy.


This sewage treatment company operates within an ambitious energy and climate plan. Aligned with the Flander’s ecological goals, Aquafin want to reduce greenhouse gas emissions with 40% by 2030, compared to 2005. Another example of their sustainable approach is their sludge strategy, which allows them to take great strides towards a circular economy in the coming years.


As Flanders’ employment service, VDAB wants to lead by example and commits to all 17 sustainable development goals of the United Nations. In each of its departments, situated in several provinces, they deploy a ‘connector’ who works around a set of sustainable objectives. This person also ensures that all employees are aware of the objectives and act accordingly.

Brussels Airlines

This aviation giant is continuously testing new sustainable technologies and embedding them into their operations as part of their Operational Sustainability Program. With more than 50 different active projects, Brussels Airlines is paving the airways to a Green Economy. A challenge that proves that not even the sky is the limit when intertwining pleasure with environmental responsibility.

Start it X

Just like Love Tomorrow, Start it X encourages and enables young entrepreneurs with innovative ideas to take the stage and work on their vision for a better Tomorrow. Start it X’s mission is to promote local embeddedness, knowledge, and inclusivity. With their Start it AcademyStart it ExpandStart it Ventures, and Start it Hubs innovation and sustainability are at the core of what their community is about.


This dynamic and creative membership organisation originated from healthcare institutions. With healthcare at heart, in4care tries to bring together healthcare institutions, startups, companies in the sector and other healthcare innovation partners to realise innovations in healthcare and well-being.


Being a popular car and motor manufacturer comes with a lot of responsibilities. BMW realises this more than well enough, which is why the group uses renewable raw materials and natural fibers, recycled plastics, vegan leather alternatives and circular textiles. All of this and more to raise general awareness for sustainable materials and for the possibilities of a circular path to a sustainable future.

FOD Buitenlandse Zaken (FPS Foreign Affairs)

As Belgium’s FPS Foreign Affairs, this federal service focusses on several important topics such as energy, finance, humanitarian aid, and economic diplomacy. With initiatives such as the Initiative on Sustainable Corporate Governance, which is a legislative initiative on sustainable chain care, they run Belgium’s affairs as sustainably as possible.


With their ESG/sustainability score to monitor all sorts of different companies, GraydonCreditsafe want to provide companies with the tool to generate a positive financial return on top of a positive social impact. They believe their data-drive approach can lead to enormous change, both financially and sustainably.

KBC Bank & Verzekeringen

KBC Bank & Verzekeringen limits their own negative impact on society by applying strict policies and sustainability guidelines, reduces their own environmental footprint and promotes responsible investment products. They do so by making sure to integrate the Global Goals for sustainable development into their daily activities, for which they received the Terra Carta seal.


In Summary

Each of them has their own field of expertise, but all of them share the same love for our planet, the same vision for our future, and the same passion of innovation. Read all about them in our separate partner spotlights and on their websites. And join them during our Love Tomorrow Conference on 27 July 2023. Don’t wait, secure your tickets now and become part of this unique experience.

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