Partners of Change: Redefining the Road with BMW

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Partners of Change: Redefining the Road with BMW

Imagine a future where transport is not just about getting from A to B, but a conscientious journey driven by sustainability. A future where the vehicle is more than a machine, but a testament to our commitment to the planet. This is the world BMW, our Love Tomorrow conference partner, is crafting.

Being the number one importer of premium cars in Belgium and Luxembourg, BMW has built its reputation on innovation and quality. Their core activities span automotive, motorbike, and bicycle distribution, all underscored by a compelling vision for sustainability.

Decades before the current fervour for sustainability, BMW was already breaking new ground. They recognised that creating sustainable vehicles was about more than just adding an electric engine. It was about considering the entire value chain of a vehicle, from design to recycling, and involving all their stakeholders in this transformative journey.

BMW has embedded sustainability deep within their operations and culture. They are committed to avoiding social and ecological abuse, as evidenced by the sourcing of cobalt for their EV engines directly from mining companies in Morocco and Australia. They have eschewed the use of permanent magnets in their electric engines, showcasing an innovative approach that minimises ecological impact. Moreover, 30% of the parts in every new BMW are made of recycled materials, a figure they continuously strive to improve.

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At the local level, they’ve pioneered 10 eDrive zones, nudging PHEV drivers to maximise the electric use of their cars. They are the first Belgian car brand to sign the sustainable repairing label, promoting sustainable practices in their workshops. A testament to their commitment, BMW dealerships run on 94% green solar and wind energy.

BMW isn’t content with reacting to changes – they want to drive the transformation. They aim to ‘green’ the Belgian car fleet radically, pioneering sustainable electric mobility solutions. This ambitious goal is underpinned by a flexible and resilient corporate culture that adapts swiftly to new trends and innovations.

Looking to the future, BMW’s ultimate goal is to be a climate-neutral company across the value chain by 2050. They plan to leverage every possible technology, demonstrating that they are part of the solution to our global sustainability challenge.

The company has partnered with Love Tomorrow because they share a vision of a sustainable future, and they believe in harnessing the power of diverse ideas to shape our mobility landscape.

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