Step into the Fashion Renaissance at the Love Tomorrow Conference

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Step into the Fashion Renaissance at the Love Tomorrow Conference

It is in the nature of the fashion industry to constantly reinvent itself. By continuing to define what we like and want to wear, the industry is creating new frameworks for aesthetic exploration and expression.

In the midst of a rapidly changing world, the fashion industry finds itself at a crucial crossroads. The need for reinvention is not just a creative endeavour anymore — but a necessity for the sustainability of our planet. As climate concerns take centre stage, we are compelled to examine how we produce and consume fashion in a resource-depleting world.

Love Tomorrow conference invites you to step into the Fashion Renaissance — where beauty merges seamlessly with responsibility and style becomes a catalyst for positive change. Get to know the fashion value chain from close-by, learn, share, and connect with the industry visionaries driving the positive change.

It is a place where inspiration and information flow freely. You’ll have the opportunity to hear from experts like VITO, sharing valuable insights into the true cost of fashion production and consumption.

Designing for circularity is key to a less polluting fashion industry. Waste is a design flaw — HNST and NOOSA will show you how it can be addressed through innovative solutions.

Step into the Fashion Renaissance at the Love Tomorrow Conference

WARDENBURG TAILORS and SCIMM show how on-demand production fights fashion waste — and the ancient craft of tailoring can go hand-in-hand with technology. SCIMM’s fitting engine empowers fashion brands to embrace data intelligence as a foundation for accurate sizing and sustainable collection development.

Fashion is not merely about aesthetics — it has the power to shape our society and drive positive change. SAM SENSORY and MIOKOO will take you on their journey, exploring how fashion can empower individuals and create meaningful change.

Delve into the world of transparent fashion production with NGAIRE TAKANO and QUIFACTUM. In the process of empowering the fashion consumer to make more informed choices, understanding the importance of transparency in the fashion supply chain is the first step towards a sustainable future.

Ensuring that our fashion choices have a positive impact is our greatest power as consumers. COSH! is here to help you navigate the world of sustainable shopping — providing practical tips and resources to make your shopping experience more conscious, circular and ethical.

Taking care of the fashion we already own is probably the most sustainable act of them all. Embrace the concept of mindful fashion, where quality and durability take precedence over fleeting trends. NANEX CARE will share tips & tricks for proper garment care, helping us maintain wardrobe’s longevity and reduce the need for constant consumption.

Reached the end-of-life? okret’s technology relies on the power of data in driving successful business intelligence. Bridging the gap between the end-of-life phase of textiles and future production, it leverages valuable insights from past mistakes to improve design and production decisions in future collections. Showcases of Inner Child, Valentine Tinchant and re-mode by okret demonstrate the incredible potential of redesigning fashion. By breathing new life into old textiles, they believe that the end of one piece’s life should only be the beginning of another’s.

Prepare to embark on a journey that will challenge your perceptions, ignite your empathy, and ultimately inspire you to make conscious choices in line with the needs of our planet.

Welcome to Love Tomorrow’s Fashion Renaissance.

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