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Love Tomorrow is counting down to July.

Back in December, Love Tomorrow put out the call to speak at this year’s gathering. 

More than 100 applications poured in from passionate people brimming with amazing ideas. Each one had the potential to spark change and leave a lasting impression on one of the Love Tomorrow stages – and beyond.

Think inspiring talks ready to challenge your thinking, ignite your creativity and leave you buzzing with possibility. 

So… picking just three finalists was tough. But after careful consideration, Love Tomorrow has narrowed it down to a selection of top-3 talent.

Vote Now

Here’s the important part: You decide who takes the stage at Love Tomorrow 2024.

The power is in the capable hands of the Love Tomorrow community – every vote counts.

But only one winning idea can take the stage. You decide who it will be.

Cast your vote online from Wednesday, 20 March (10am CEST) until Wednesday, 10 April (3pm CEST).

Meet the Top-3 Finalists

If you’re looking to be challenged, inspired and empowered, you’re in the right place. Meet the 3 fantastic finalists vying for a place on the Love Tomorrow 2024 stage:

Karen De Sousa Pesse: A Champion for Equality in the Age of AI

Is artificial intelligence a frightening future dystopia or a key to a brighter tomorrow? Karen De Sousa isn’t here to scare; she’s here to empower.

All about balance, Karen is equal parts critic and champion. She recognises the incredible potential of AI but equally understands the importance of including diverse perspectives in its development.

Her proposed Love Tomorrow talk is a wake-up call. Karen exposes the cracks in the system and equips you with the knowledge to demand fair and inclusive tech.

Her perfect blend of pragmatism and sharp wit is sure to inspire the Love Tomorrow community to be the architects of a future where technology serves everyone, not just the privileged few.

This talk is for you if…

Intrigued by the ethical implications of AI? Or simply curious about the impact technology has on our lives? Karen’s your speaker.

Karen’s insightful talk offers up lots to think about – whether you’re a tech enthusiast, a social activist or just someone who wants to understand the world around you better.

Gain a deeper understanding of gender bias in AI and the potential risks it poses – and find out what action you can take to demand fair and inclusive AI development.

More about Karen

No stranger to the stage, Karen is a TEDx Brussels speaker. Her award-winning talk on gender bias in AI data ‘The Importance of Gender Perspective in Technology’, earned her the prestigious 2023 Dianne Bevelander Award from Rotterdam.

A thought leader with a global audience, Karen’s ideas and insights are more relevant than ever, in an increasingly tech-driven world.

Frederik Imbo: The Laughter Guru Who Makes Communication Matter

Feeling misunderstood? Dreading that next awkward conversation? Fear not. Frederik Imbo is here to help with humour and heart.

Frederik isn’t just a speaker; he’s a phenomenon. His proposed Love Tomorrow 2024 talk is a masterclass in communication, peppered with personal anecdotes and audience participation that’s guaranteed to leave a lasting impression – and smiles.

He’ll share his high-pressure experiences and reveal the secrets of staying calm and collected – even when the world seems determined to push your buttons. This talk promises to provide a lighter heart, a sharper mind and a toolbox full of tricks for navigating tricky social situations life throws your way.

This talk is for you if…

Ever felt frustrated by misunderstandings that pop up in conversation? Or simply want to improve your communication skills? This talk is for you. Tap into the power of effective communication and gain practical tips to manage emotions, reframe negativity and connect with others on a deeper level.

More about Frederik

Frederik  is a Belgian TED Talk favourite with a whopping 17 million views, and for good reason. His presentations, like the side-splitting ‘How Not to Take Things Personally’, tackle the complexities of human interaction. 

Though often hilarious, he also weaves in powerful messages about empathy and understanding. 

Paqui Lizana: Love in the Time of Robots? Paqui Says Yes!

Can robots help us love better and deepen connections? Paqui Lizana is ready to help us find out.

Paqui is an engineer with a passion for innovation with a surprising twist. Get ready to explore the world of ‘lovotics’. Her proposed Love Tomorrow 2024 talk ponders the future of love and relationships in the age of AI. In her talk, she explores the ethics of emotional connections with robots and asks the question: can technology actually deepen our understanding of love?

Paqui’s journey began with a deeply personal mission to use AI to recreate her grandmother’s memories. This sparked a lifelong quest to understand how technology can shape our emotional lives.

Her talk is a blend of visionary insights and down-to-earth discussions about the future of love. Prepare to have your perspective on the human condition transformed.

This talk is for you if…

Curious about the intersection of love, technology and the human experience? This talk is for you. Paqui’s insights and ideas are sure to spark the imagination and challenge assumptions.

More about Paqui

Not just a dreamer; Paqui is a doer. Her impressive background includes engineering roles at IKEA as well as speaking at renowned institutions like IESE Business School and Singularity University. Actively involved in shaping the future of technology, Paqui’s passion for ethical innovation is sure to intrigue and inspire.

Cast Your Vote to  Be Heard

Who excites you the most?  Which message inspires?  And who will make a lasting impact on the Love Tomorrow 2024 experience – and beyond? Vote now.

Vote for the speaker who challenges your perceptions, sparks your imagination and inspires you with new ways to make the world a better place.

Your vote doesn’t just select a speaker,  it shapes the conversation, influences the future of Love Tomorrow and contributes to creating an inspired future.

Here’s how to vote: Head over to vote online between Wednesday, 20 March (10am CEST) and 10 April (3pm CEST).

Don’t miss the chance to be a part of something special. Get your tickets for Love Tomorrow 2024 now.

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