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Shaping a Better Today and Tomorrow Together

Love Tomorrow is dedicated to creating a stable and sustainable world for generations to come. Our mission is to bring people together and inspire them through unique experiences, rich in music, culture, fashion and art.

This initiative, driven by the Tomorrowland festival, launches innovative ideas and hands-on tools to empower people and organisations. We persuade young and old to put these ideas into practice so they can live sustainably and joyfully, every day.


Join the Love Tomorrow Conference 2023

Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of inspiration, empowerment, and positivity, surrounded by like-minded individuals and organizations.

Join us for this one-of-a-kind experience featuring inspiring speakers, hands-on workshops, music, fashion, and art. Gain new perspectives, innovative ideas, and practical skills to live sustainably every day.

Make a Difference
with Love Tomorrow Projects


Drink More Water

Tomorrowland's Initiative for Hydration, Health, and Happy Memories

Love Tomorrow x River Cleanup

River Cleanup: A partnership combating plastic pollution and inspiring environmental stewardship. A mission to create a future where everyone mirrors their respect for nature.

The Recycle Club

The Recycle Club: Pioneering the path to world's cleanest festival site. Discover our efforts towards achieving this ambitious objective.

Calyx: More than a Trash Bin

Calyx: Through the captivating FlowerBin®, designed specifically for festivals, we inspire a recycling mentality and combat the throw-away mindset.

Waterville – A Vision for Water Tomorrow

Love Tomorrow introduces Waterville, an innovative sustainability initiative in partnership with the University of Antwerp and VITO, merging technology and conservation for a sustainable future.

The Love Tomorrow Recycle Backpack Initiative

Love Tomorrow's backpack Initiative: Transforming waste at Tomorrowland. Discover how this backpack turns recycling into a seamless, fun and eco-friendly experience.

Responsible Crew Shirts

Discover how the Responsible Crew Shirts project is helping Tomorrowland make its fashion line more sustainable, supporting Indian cotton farmers, and promoting circular economy.

Waterbar by BOSAQ – Water of Tomorrow

Waterbar by BOSAQ: Creating a ripple effect of water consciousness by serving locally, purified water through an innovative off-grid installation.

Sustainable Water Management Plan: A Future of Responsible Water Usage by 2030

Taking sustainable strides with our Water Management Plan 2030, embracing a circular approach to water consumption at Tomorrowland.

Joining Forces with Claire: A New Chapter in Local Sustainability

Embracing Local: How Love Tomorrow, Torfs and Qframe (Cronos Group) are Fast-Tracking Climate Transition with Start-up Claire.


Camp2Camp: Transforming festival camping with sustainability and social empowerment. Rent recycled gear, reduce your footprint, and make lifelong memories.

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May 5, 2023 | Bourla Theatre, Antwerp

Love Tomorrow Campus

Blending the sustainability challenges we face with a spirit of optimism and innovation, so typical of our promising youth. At Love Tomorrow Campus, we welcome students and everyone else at an iconic venue to inspire and empower them.

July 27, 2023 | De Schorre, Belgium

Love Tomorrow Conference 2023

Love Tomorrow Conference is not your ordinary sustainability conference. We bring together inspiring talks, engaging workshops, live music, and even a fashion show, all in the stunning setting of the Tomorrowland festival.

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