Introducing Love Tomorrow 2024’s Winning Speaker – Voted by You

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Love Tomorrow 2024's Winning Speaker

The wait is over.

After sifting through over 100 incredible applications, it was challenging to narrow it down to just 3 finalists. But thanks to a flood of votes from the amazing Love Tomorrow community, Love Tomorrow 2024 is now ready to reveal the winner of the ‘Choose Your Speaker’ campaign.

The future feels closer than ever and Love Tomorrow 2024 is about shaping it for the better. The ‘Choose Your Speaker’ campaign provided the chance for you to decide who would ignite the stage at Love Tomorrow 2024.  And the response was exceptional.

A Symphony of Ideas: The Power of Community

Several months ago, Love Tomorrow 2024 put out a call for passionate innovators to share their visions for a chance to be front and centre on the Love Tomorrow 2024 stage. The most powerful ideas come from the collective brilliance of the Love Tomorrow community, and you didn’t disappoint. Applications flooded in – a vibrant variety of perspectives from climate champions, health pioneers, eco-fashion revolutionaries, and so many more. Each proposal buzzed with potential, showcasing the immense diversity and ingenuity that fuels positive change.

The application stage was just the beginning.

True to Love Tomorrow’s collaborative spirit, the next act belonged to the Love Tomorrow community. With a staggering amount of applications and votes, it was clear: The Love Tomorrow community was excited about shaping Love Tomorrow 2024.

And the Winner is…

And the winner is… the phenomenal Karen De Sousa Pesse, equality in AI advocate. A round of applause for Karen – but this isn’t only her victory. It’s a testament to the collective power of the Love Tomorrow community.

Introducing Karen De Sousa Pesse: Championing Equality in the Age of AI

Karen is a tech visionary and innovative leader.  But her true strength is her unwavering commitment to building a future where technology empowers everyone. No stranger to using her voice for change, she is an award-winning advocate for women’s rights in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). And as a champion for ethical AI, Karen delves into the complexities of artificial intelligence, with a particular focus on dismantling gender bias in its development and use.

AI is transforming our world, from how we work to how we access information. But new technology brings new responsibilities. Karen is passionate about ensuring AI is built and used for the greater good, fostering a future that’s fair and inclusive for all.

Get ready to be inspired by Karen’s thought-provoking journey into the world of AI at Love Tomorrow 2024. Karen is a solutions architect, and she’ll equip you with the knowledge and tools to demand fair and inclusive technology for all.

A Glimpse into the Brilliant Minds of the Finalists

While Karen stole the show this time, a huge thank you goes out to the two other incredible finalists who brought their inspiring visions to the ‘Choose Your Speaker’ campaign.

Communication Guru Frederik Imbo promised to unlock the secrets of clear and confident communication. Imagine being able to express yourself with ease, leaving a lasting impression on everyone you meet. That’s the magic Frederik guaranteed to weave at Love Tomorrow 2024.

The other Love Tomorrow finalist Paqui Lizana offered up a futuristic exploration of love in the age of AI and robots. As a ‘loveotics’ engineer, Paqui’s expertise lies at the fascinating intersection of love and AI + robotics. Her talk promised to challenge assumptions about intimacy and explore the possibility of AI actually enhancing human connection.

Get Tickets + Stay Informed

Together, let’s turn the promise of a brighter tomorrow into a reality. Secure your ticket to Love Tomorrow 2024 today to take part in this incredible journey of possibility and progress.

Stay tuned and check the Love Tomorrow 2024 site for more exciting speaker announcements and event updates coming soon. The Love Tomorrow newsletter is another great way to stay connected. Also remember you can  get involved and join conversations by following Love Tomorrow on socials using #LoveTomorrow2024.

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