That’s a wrap on the Love Tomorrow Conference 2023.

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That’s a wrap on the Love Tomorrow Conference 2023.

First of all THANK YOU to the 4500+ attendees who joined the conference and made this event so special, despite the rainy weather. Your attendance and support made this event truly memorable and meaningful. We appreciate everyone who contributed, including our crew, volunteers, speakers, DJs, partners, innovators, and dreamers. Together, we have built a strong community committed to shaping a better future.

A special thanks to our founding partners Tomorrowland, VITO, and G-STIC, for the gorgeous location and for making dreams come true. And of course: thank you to De Schorre, the fantastic natural environment for the Love Tomorrow Conference, and the neighbors for welcoming us.

This year, we hosted more than 35 speakers, experts, and industry leaders like Rutger Bregman, Louie Schwartzberg, Jason Silva, Barbara Belvisi and Dr. Zach Bush. Four DJs entertained us during the day and at the afterparty, with Ida Engberg and Joris Voorn as the main ear catchers.

That’s a wrap on the Love Tomorrow Conference 2023.

Our first Love Tomorrow Job Fair with VDAB turned out to be a huge success: we had 217 job opportunities available at visionary companies like Loop Earplugs, Tomorrowland, BMW, VRT, Ethias, and 20 others. more than 700 people registered on our job platform and posted 631 applications. We can only hope beautiful, future-proof careers will emerge from this event, bringing forth the change we need.

The best festival is the one that gives back.

Joris Beckers, Love Tomorrow founder

More than 4500 visitors discovered everything the Love Tomorrow Conference had to offer, and eventually came together at the Flower Of Life, where they enjoyed food, drinks, art works and the Fashion Renaissance. The what? The Fashion Renaissance granted our visitors the chance to engage with a dozen of sustainable fashion startups, like COSH!, NOOSA, HNST and many others. They showed once more that fashion can reinvent itself, and this time, not just for the next collection.

After the dinner break, the Freedom Stage opened its doors to host an amazing evening show, combining music, art, and ground-breaking visions for the future. Jason Silva, Thomas Ermacora, Barbara Belvisi and Louie Schwartzberg opened the eyes of the crowd to unfathomable new paradigms. Dr. Zach Bush closed them again with a soul-searching meditation, while Jasna Rok made everyone see emotions in full color. VITO CEO Inge Neven brought it all home with a compassionate and hopeful approach.

The final dance choreography led the audience back outside, where world-renowned DJs Ida Engberg and Joris Voorn were waiting at the afterparty. A perfect time for the entire community to share the ideas and talk about what they’ve learned.

Whether you visited the Love Tomorrow Conference or not, it’s unlikely you were able to witness every single performance. Luckily, we recorded them. We will share them on our YouTube channel very soon.

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