Katrien Van Hooydonk

Strategic Partnership and Internationalisation Specialist, WaterClimateHub

Katrien Van Hooydonk, a seasoned bio-engineer in Forest and Land Management, specialises in water resource management across various global settings. At VITO’s water team, she drives strategic partnerships and project coordination to bolster international water management solutions.


Katrien Van Hooydonk graduated as a bio-engineer in Forest and Land Management, dedicating her career to advanced water resource management. Her extensive background includes projects on eco-hydrology, digital twin technology for river systems, and developing essential water services in challenging environments. Since joining VITO’s water team in 2021, Katrien has been instrumental in coordinating complex international projects and fostering strategic partnerships to increase the organization’s visibility worldwide. Her efforts are crucial in shaping robust water infrastructures and sustainable environmental policies across the globe. Katrien’s approach combines technical expertise with a passion for global environmental resilience, making her a pivotal figure in international water management.

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